600 000 Midi Torrent

600 000 Midi Torrent

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Education 2008 - 2013 • Master's Degree, Computer Science 2018 - present • Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science 2008 - 2012 Startups — Founder 2007 - present • Reaches 800,000+ U.S. Students each month. • Students spend 3,300+ hours studying on Study Notes each day.

• Offers study tools and college prep to high school students. — Founder Mar 2013 - Dec 2013 • Acquired by in December 2013. • Next-generation CDN powered by WebRTC for efficient peer-to-peer content delivery. • Funded by,,.

Projects I enjoy making software. Here are a few I'm proud of: 2018 - present • Listen to the best free MIDI songs. • Supports in-browser playback using a WebAssembly MIDI player. • Perfect 100 score on Lighthouse performance test. 2017 - present • Music videos with insider song facts.


2016 - present • Lightweight, fast torrent app for Mac, Windows, & Linux. • Supports instant streaming – no need to wait for download. 2013 - present • The first torrent client that works in the browser. • BitTorrent protocol over WebRTC for true peer-to-peer transport. • Learn more in the. 2015 - present • JavaScript style guide, with linter, & automatic code fixer.

• The easiest way to enforce consistent style in JavaScript projects. • 700,000+ downloads per month. 2011 • Create and share music playlists with your friends. • Built in 3 months, with friend Jake Becker, as Stanford senior project. 2010 • 1,000,000 visitors within 10 days of launch, and personal job offer from YouTube CEO Chad Hurley. [] • Featured in New York Magazine, Washington Post, NY Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Mashable, Engadget, TechCrunch, Fast Company, All Things D, VentureBeat, LifeHacker, PC Magazine, etc.

[] • Built in 3 hours using YouTube API and JavaScript. 2010 unreleased • iBoard was a multi-user drawing app that let people from anywhere in the world draw together in real-time.

2004 - 2006 • Built when I was 14. • 3,000,000 page views and 600,000 unique visitors in 2006. • Featured 100s of user-submitted Flash animations, games, soundboards, audio, and videos. Work Experience — Board of Directors Jan 2016 - Jan 2017 • • I represented community members' interests on the board. — Software Engineer Dec 2013 - Feb 2015 • Sold my company to Yahoo in December 2013 • Built fast, mobile-first HTML5 video player Stanford Computer Science — Teaching Assistant Winter 2012 • Taught computer science to students in. • Held office hours to complement professor's lecture, graded assignments, tutored students in a 'lab' setting, and held regular office hours to live debug student's programs. — Software Engineer Intern Summer 2011 • Developed and launched the feature.

Movies; Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary (2014). Nonton Film Online Sub Indo Bioskop Online Terlengkap. Nonton film full movie Cinema 21 Online Situs nonton. Film saint seiya movie 5 sub indo xxi.

• Ported lots of Python code to Scala code. — Software Engineer Intern Summer 2010 • Developed and launched to 500 million Facebook users, on a team of only 5 engineers in 4 months. • Facebook Groups offers users a shared space to share stuff, chat, and keep in touch with small groups of friends. • Implemented new HTML email design, incoming email handler, and member management UI. Stanford Computer Science — Jan 2009 - Dec 2011 • Taught computer science for 6 quarters to students in the and courses. • Led weekly discussion section with about 10 students on current class topics to complement professor's lecture, graded assignments, and tutored students.

— Web Developer & Videographer Summer 2007 & Summer 2008 • Worked at Intel in high school, for two summers • Built an internal video portal to improve manager-employee communication (major Intel IT initiative) • Built web app to help engineers quickly create customer support tickets from large error report database • Redesigned internal IT website to improve usability Research — Proof of Concept Dec 2013 • Demonstrated an attack that allows any website to have unlimited storage space on a visitor's computer. • Works in Chrome, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+, IE 8+. — Proof of Concept Oct 2012 • Demonstrated a phishing attack that can be performed with the W3C JavaScript fullscreen API. • Emulates user's current browser, OS, and screen size to convince them they are on trusted HTTPS site. — Original Tool Nov 2011 • News Feed of activity on your local network • WireSheep lets you sniff packets on an open WiFi network. Instead of just stealing login cookies, like FireSheep, it lets you see traffic in realtime, like Wireshark. WireSheep shows you each user on the network and all the HTTP requests they're making.

• Built with teammates John Heisey, Nikil Viswanathan, and Daniel Posch. — Original Research Nov 2011 • Nearly 1% of websites built with a CMS (like WordPress or Joomla) are unknowingly exposing their DB password. • Temp files created by text editors may still linger after editing is finished, exposing the configuration file and database credentials to attackers. • I wrote a program to test for the prevalence of this issue across the whole web. I tested the top 200,000 websites and found that 0.77% of websites running a CMS have publicly-visible config files and DB passwords. — Original Research Oct 2011 • I discovered a vulnerability in Adobe Flash that allows any website to turn on your webcam and microphone without your knowledge or consent to spy on you.

600 000 Midi Torrent
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