Aa2 How To Install Mods

Aa2 How To Install Mods

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This is merely a list I put together of good mods to use to get started with creating and playing ジンコウガクエン2 (Artificial Academy 2). I’ve posted this list before in other places but I’d like to repost it with more of my opinions and less objectivity.

This program unlocks the true potential of AA2. Body adjustment sliders, POV H-Scenes, H-Ai, card by card mesh editing, tans not restricted to finite slots with colorability, additional hair slots with advanced sizing and positioning, and an in-game poser to name only few features. The program is being regularly updated with new concepts and ways to push the game further and further. While not a mod, this program is a must have and immensely enhances the game. To use just run the exe after you start your Play/Make launcher on the startup window. Without AAU I don’t know if I’d still be playing this game today. Mii channel wad dolphin. With the new styles and triggers I find myself swimming in new possibilities for girls to make and ways to give each of them their own unique characteristics.

Aa2 mod installer

When working on my clothing collection the Shadow Sets feature is invaluable by saving me so much time when checking my work. Also anytime I want to do some subtle edits to a game file I can preserve the original copy and just make a set with my little change. I’m really excited to see where the program goes from here. There is this wonderful being updated for AAU if you find yourself at a loss on how to use it to its full potential. Relying on only the base game maker, you are presented with a dismal amount of options.

Artificial Academy 2 - Easy Installation Guide. Anyways, after the game done installing all 3 disks, remount Disk 1 (if ytou have to, I didn't have to, it was still mounted for me) and right-click the AA2 Play icon that should have appeared on your desktop, then click 'Run as Jap locale in admin mode'. Meant to be a successor to using Wizzard for AA2, AA2Install. Place Wizzard-ready mods that you would like to install in the /mods directory.

The developers never intended for more than a set amount of choices for the various customizable selections so AAFace removes the slot restrictions on many different maker components allowing you to utilize extra faces, hairs, glasses, and and many more provided by other mods. Another program you launch in conjunction with your maker, this will help greatly with character creation. When newer faces were being made for the game there was originally no way to see what the face looked like until you actually put it on the girl and checked in the actual game. I remember someone edited the exes for the maker so they had face 9, 10, etc, but there were still only 7 slots so I found myself switching between them a lot. I remember when AAFace first got made I was reinvigorated with character creation and I could spend much longer with each girl.

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If you are using AAUnlimited, AAFace is already integrated as a script so its redundant to download. AA2Install is the best tool for adding mods in proper zipped format to your game. Just add the archive to your AA2install mod folder and in the program check the mod you want to install then hit synchronize. Do not unzip the mods. AA2Install ready mods can be identified by.7z archives with an AA2_Play folder or an AA2_Make folder on the top level. This format is also identical to the AAU Shadow Set format without the data archived. Creating your own AAU Shadow Sets is another way to install/uninstall mods easily.

More information on Sets can be found in the I posted before. Uncensor When choosing an uncensor you have a few options. Pick whichever you think looks the best. EX Series II is the same as MK-III but with significantly more pubic hair.

Whatever you decide will determine what Clothing Collection you’ll need from the next section. Personally I think HEXA uncensor is butt ugly. HEXA/SVII Clothing Collections While the base game comes with about 10 outfits, the clothing collections add over 150 additional choices. Both collections contain the same outfits, the only difference is how each one is uncensored. Only download the collection corresponding with the uncensor you installed. For additional outfits not found in these collections refer to the.

Aa2 How To Install Mods
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