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Kursovaya rabota po strizhke kaskad Interface and Logbook-Software DataTrak/DataTalk ® The Aladin Sport is able to communicate with a personal computer. The connection is established by contact sensors. A special interface cable and the necessary PC-software DataTrak/DataTalk (MS-DOS) is available on the market.

• DECOMPRESSION COMPUTER ® ® SWISS MADE BY UWATEC AG. • Safety considerations ® You must carefully read this entire manual before using your Aladin Pro. Diving has many inherent risks. Decompression sickness is among the most serious of those risks. Even if you follow the instructions of this manual in a careful fashion, it is still possible that you may be seriously injured or die WARNING from decompression sickness or some other inherent risk of scuba diving.

• Aladin ® Pro–The Diving System • Interface and logbook-software DataTrak/DataTalk (Option) • Logbook (Option) • ESE (Option) • Dive Computer – ® Aladin ® Operating Manual Aladin. • Important remarks concerning signal words and symbols This operating manual makes use of the following icons to indicate especially important comments: Remarks: Informations and tips which are important for optimal use of the functions of your Aladin ® Pro. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in WARNING death or serious injury. • Safety considerations ® Guidelines for the use of Aladin Pro: The following guidelines for using Aladin ® Pro are derived from the latest medical research and the recommendations of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences for diving with diving computers. Following these guidelines will greatly increase your safety while diving, but cannot guarantee that decompression sickness will not occur. • Safety considerations ® – If the Aladin Pro fails at any time during the dive, the dive must be terminated, and appropriate surfacing procedures (including a slow ascent and a 3 to 5 minute safety stop) should be initiated immediately. • LIST OF CHAPTERS INTRODUCTION ALADIN ® PRO – SURVEY DIVING WITH ALADIN ® DIVING AT REDUCED RISK WITH ALADIN ® LOGBOOK DIVE PLANNER INTERFACE VIII TROUBLE SHOOTING VIII APPENDIX, Maintenance, Technical Information, Warranty 77.

• I INTRODUCTION ® 1. Aladin Pro - With More Safety ______________________________________ 2 2. Aladin ® Pro – Your Personal Companion ______________________________________ 3 3. The Calculation Model ZH-L8 ADT 3.1 Description _________________________ 5 3.2 Advantages ________________________ 7 4. Safety in Diving ______________________________________ 8 I Introduction. Aladin ® Pro - With More Safety The impressing operational features and its aspects ® of safety and quality make Aladin Pro an outstanding diving computer. Building on the proven technique ® and finish the Aladin Pro has now been made safer and more comfortable by incorporating a new, revolutionary calculation model.

Aladin ® Pro - Your Personal Companion Aladin ® Pro considers your individual reactions during is much more of a personal instrument, which the dive, the cooling of your skin and includes your considers the individual conduct of the diver. Workload by a constant value in the calculations. Aladin ® Pro - Your Personal Companion WARNING WARNING ® You must strictly observe all optical and acoustic Although the Aladin Pro can be used to plan alarms and take appropriate action based upon decompression dives, such dives are beyond the realm of recreational or sport diving and must those alarms to avoid serious injury or death from not be attempted by recreational or sport scuba. The Calculation Model ZH-L8 ADT 3.1 Description The decrease in skin temperature is based upon ® The Aladin Pro uses a new decompression calculation the water temperature and the dive time. By model known as the ZH-L8 ADT.

This model uses eight considering these changes in saturation, compartments or “tissue“. The Calculation Model ZH-L8 ADT 2. The decompression model used by the Aladin ® blood as well as in the body‘s tissues. If these Pro considers nitrogen in both its dissolved as well microbubbles partially impair circulation, the rate as its gaseous phase (microbubbles). The Calculation Model ZH-L8 ADT 3.2 Advantages If a diver experiences any of these risk factors while ® On the first dives following responsible diving diving, the Aladin Pro will decrease remaining bottom procedures, a diver using the Aladin ®. Safety in Diving With its new decompression model the Aladin ® Pro is decompression theory and dive table use, and every an extremely versatile tool which can increase your diver must have a set of decompression tables with diving comfort and safety.

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