Aldl Usb Driver

Aldl Usb Driver

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About WinALDL is software to datalog on GM vehicles that use the old 160 baud rate. This includes but is not limited to vehicles using a 1227747 and 1227165 ECM. Most older TBI GM computers will speak this protocol. WinALDL does NOT speak to newer GM OBD1 vehicles that use 8192 baud communication. WinALDL is available from WinALDL was written several years ago.

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It will work best on Windows XP or older operating systems, if available. You may need to use a VM or Windows XP compatibility mode on newer Windows7 systems in order for it to run 100% properly. WinALDL will work with both our ALDU1 and AutoProm. Setup There are a few setup tasks that need to be performed. • Ensure that your ALDU1 or AutoProm is assigned a COM port between 1 and 4. Make sure you choose a port that does not conflict with system resources. (see ) • If you are using the AutoProm, ensure that it is set to pass-through *NOT* AutoProm mode.

May 20, 2016 - When my USB ALDL cable arrived, I plugged the new ALDL cable into my new laptop, and then I ran the driver install directly from Oct 03, 2017  Have loaded the driver and now, when I plug the USB cable in, the OS sees it and lists the ports as a USB serial port. I still can't seem to get any output fm.

(see ) • On most 160 baud applications, you will need to set the switch to 10k mode on your AutoProm or ALDU1 • Set the COM port selection in WinALDL to match what it set up to on the USB driver under the control panel. • Set the baud rate to 4800 within the WinALDL program. • Select the ECM type in WinALDL which matches your ECM. • Make sure the ALDU1 is connected to the laptop prior to starting the software. • Turn your key off, connect the ALDU1 to the car, and start the software.

• Turn the car on, it should connect.

An ALDL cable is an OBD1 diagnostic scantool suitable for diagnosing engine fault codes and live engine data found in VR-VY Holden Commodores! The ‘language’ spoken is called ALDL (Assembly Line Diagnostic Link), it is a very unique protocol that General Motors implemented on our commodores. If your interested in hearing some technical geek speak about ALDL, click here to read more. Some of the features and abilities of our kits include: • Reading engine fault codes • Clearing fault codes and engine light warnings (CEL)! • Reading live engine data • Easy to use one click connecting software!

• And much more! Our kits allow you to take full advantage of this communication line, providing professional diagnostic abilities at a fraction of the cost of factory scantools. “Diagnostics Made Easy.” In conjunction with our ALDL cable, our Advanced Engine Diagnostics (AED) application lets you have professional diagnostic capabilities at a fraction of the cost of overpriced factory tools! AED is designed to be extremely easy to use. It seamlessly interacts with your cars engine computer (ECM) to read diagnostic fault codes and live engine/transmission information on a modern instrument dash display.

Aldl Usb Driver

What you see in AED, is exactly the same live engine/transmission information you would find in OEM tools, except made to be affordable and accessible to everyone! Sometimes viewing live data is not always enough, or too much information to view at once, which is why AED is capable of saving and replaying live logging sessions. This advanced replaying ability lets you review your cars health and performance in your own time, and keep records of sensor outputs to compare with future issues and logs.

Aldl Usb Driver
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