Aplikasi Bluetooth Untuk Laptop Acer 4739

Aplikasi Bluetooth Untuk Laptop Acer 4739

Aplikasi Bluetooth Untuk Laptop Acer 4739 Average ratng: 7,7/10 3941 votes
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Select “Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect” to inform you when a device wants to connect to your computer. Bluetooth is now enabled for your Acer laptop. Installing Bluetooth Drivers on Windows 7 If you have Windows 8 or 10, Bluetooth drivers should be installed automatically if your laptop came with Bluetooth or if the operating system detects a Bluetooth device connected to a USB port. Navigate to the Acer Download Web page (see Resources) to download and install a “Bluetooth” driver if it isn't included with your operating system. From the Acer Download Web page, select the 'Acer Product Family,' 'Product Line' and 'Product Model.' From the 'Operating System' drop-down menu, select your computer's operating system version.

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Select the 'Driver' tab. The page shows available drivers. Select the 'Bluetooth' driver, if available, for downloading. Follow the online directions for driver installation.

Aplikasi Bluetooth Untuk Laptop Acer 4739
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