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› Hi, I'm posting here on advise from Argolis sales and support, I'm having problems with updating the Smargo Smartreader V2 that I purchased/received this week. I've downloaded the smartreader2update and smartreader2tool both for windows and linux, and ran it on several machines (windows 7 all updates/ubuntu 12.04 all updates).

On both platforms the device starts blinking blue (LED) upon insertion, but update attempts fail. Below is some information for each platform - if anyone can offer help/suggestion/insight it's appreciated. Since you are installing the device on the PC and it does not work as expected, they should be the ones helping you. This is primarily an STB-forum, not for PC support. If you can't get it to run on an STB you might try and ask again here.

Jan 20, 2013 Die Smargos von HM-SAT sind Originale Argolis Smargos. Waren mit der 1.3 ausgeliefert. Laufen unter der 1.3 wunderbar und ohne Probleme. Habe Sie aber auf Grund einiger Vorteile auf 1.5 geupdatet. Wie meine anderen damals von Maxdigital. Also Fazit ob Maxdigital oder Agolis. Bookworm adventures deluxe crack rar linux downloads download.

Argolis Smargo Triple Smartcard Reader and Writer With 3 USB Smartcard Readers for Dreambox Linux Window This item at this price, sold by, is currently reserved exclusively for.

Lassen sich beide auf 1.5, wer will auch auf 1.7 updaten. Argolis Smartreader.Exe. Log in Log out Edit. You can do it, too! Sign up for free now at Yeah, I thought so as well, and included a question on that in my reply to sales/support at argolis: openpli is a forum for the openpli-firmware?

I'm not using a box/openpli. I don't intend to either, why post there? What's the connection to argolis/smargo? Ndrive V11 Iberia Android Cracked. I have however been using openpli on a dreambox previously, worked perfectly (: I posted this question as they asked/directed me to do so. As I stated previously, any insight/thoughts/help is appreciated - but if a moderator/admin thinks this topic should be closed that's of course okay. Is it really necessary to update your device?

Argolis Smartreaderexe

I got it working on an E2 STB, how ever up untill now all 3 readers won't read my Conax-card, Seca3-card works well! Maybe you need some extra plugins to get it working. Download one piece episode amazon lily sub indo. See below (OScam werkt niet) if you need any translations. I see your point, but as it is now I don't seem to be able to open communication to the device in any case, that kinda throws a wrench in the system.

And also I'd like to be able to assign the 'id' to the device as the product advertises ); •. On your linux system start with: cat /dev/ttyUSB0 to see if your access rights are setup correctly ( default distro installation sometimes requires root only access ( = bad ) to serial ports ) Thank you radxnl - that's the ticket (: and I should have thought of that myself (or the manufacturer). I modified my users groups and gained access, and the smartreader2-tools worked as supposed. That enables me to use the product with Ubuntu - but it's still not recognized/installed correctly in Windows (7 in my case) - any thoughts on that? EDIT: is there a 'thank you'/rep-system? If so I'd like to +1 radxnl for this (: Edited by Andreas, 7 February 2014 - 08:13.

Argolis Smartreaderexe
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