Bloomberg Keyboard Driver Fingerprint

Bloomberg Keyboard Driver Fingerprint

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Bloomberg keyboard driver fingerprint software

Redirection of Bloomberg Keyboard is not fully supported. However, below steps can be tried to get it working: 1.

Make sure two Bloomberg cables are connected on Bloomberg starboard keyboard(black keyboard). C1448 to pc slot, C1546 to KVM slot.

Apr 24, 2018 - They just updated the keyboard drivers. I am experiencing the same issue with the Bloomberg biometric keyboard. Bloomberg Keyboard. One appears as “Bloomberg Fingerprint Scanner” as before, and the other as “Bloomberg Keyboard Features”. If the driver for the Bloomberg Fingerprint Scanner device is not installed, the Bloomberg Fingerprint Scanner entry might not appear in the Desktop.

Test to make sure fingerprint reader on keyboard works on local installed Bloomberg software. Close Bloomberg software. Install receiver 12.5 or later for Mac. On Xendesktop controller policy, make sure “Client USB device redirection” is on “Allow”; “Client USB device redirection rules” includes “Allow: VID=1188 PID=9535”. Reboot the VDA if you didn't have these in place. On Receiver Device tab, you should see 'KVM' and 'Bloomberg Starboard Keyboard Fingerprint Scanner' both listed and checked.


This means the redirection working and you should see fingerprint scanner working successfully from Bloomberg software Tour Install Biometric device test. Additional Resources. 3d model j rezjbi

I have just gotten my hands on a Bloomberg Keyboard (Model CTB100) and it looks quite interesting. Its got a shed load of extra buttons (hopefully programmable), a USB port on the back, place for Microphone, Headphones, Phone Jack (God only knows why!) and a small LCD display.

There is a single cable coming out the back of this, and it has a USB port, PS2 Connection, a port which reminds me of the old Commodore 64 Power connection (female) and 2 3.5mm audio cables (microphone and audio i am guessing). The port which reminds me of the C64 power is probably a power port of some sorts. Plugging it into a standard Windows laptop does nothing. I dont have the power lead, but hope to find one soon. Anyway, there is very little information about these on-line, and i am wondering can they be reprogrammed to work as a standard keyboard? I am a developer, so using extra keys for hot keys in Visual Studio or some other app would be very handy.

I have a Bloomberg keyboard, just like yours, but ran into the same problem with the power lead. I have been unable to find one anywhere, as the lead seems to be unique to Bloomberg terminals. Here is a link to Bloomberg's guide: Before I saw the diagram on page four, I thought my keyboard was broken because it would not start. If anyone finds a way to get a power supply or finds out any better info, I would love to hear it. I have seen a couple on ebay, but all of the early models are 'untested' because nobody has power inputs for them.

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Bloomberg Keyboard Driver Fingerprint
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