Cccam Ipk Open Atv Images

Cccam Ipk Open Atv Images

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I recently purchased a zgemma box with openatv on. I have installed all the channel list and sky skin. However I am experiencing problems installing the ccam.cfg file I have purchased. I have put it into the usr keys folder using filezilla. I have looked at various topics on techkings and looked in my downloadable plugins softcams folder and there are no ccam files in there which my box supplier says there should be.

Feb 22, 2016  Please download this ipk file, upload to tmp folder of your box. Install file via box. OpenATV CCcam installatie tutorial.

Open atv 5.1 dreambox 8000Cccam ipk open atv images to color

I have downloaded a file and enigma 2 cam 2.3.0 file of techkings put them in the var volatiletmp folder then tried installing the ipk files to which I keep getting a message done installed upgraded and removed no packages and there are still no ccam files in my softcams folder. Pss e software crack. Has anyone got any ideas or had the same problem as me and could share they wisdom please it would be much appreciated.

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Cccam Ipk Open Atv Images
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