Championship Manager 03 04 Training Schedules

Championship Manager 03 04 Training Schedules

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Good Players To Buy Young At The Start of the Game If You Just Have The English League These Players Become Amazing After About 3 Years, As Long As You Get In Some Great Coaches (Get Tony Godden And You're On To A Winner): Kasper Schmeichel (Man City)- as everyone has already said, he is brilliant after about 4 years. Gary Roberts (Crewe) - train Roberts to be a Defender Right and he got an average of 8.72 for 51 games last season for me, he is amazing. Billy Jones (Crewe) - another very good young defender. Magnus Troest (Aston Villa) - becomes a good substitue defender. Andres Iniesta (Barcelona) - can get him for mega cheap at the start, he becomes a great Defensive Midfielder. Aaron Lennon (Leeds)- with a bit of luck he becomes a very good player. Courtney Pitt (Portsmouth) - the best Left Midfielder I have ever bought, he costs about £2million but he gets around 20 assists a season at Left Midfield.

Dec 01, 2004  Super Training Schedule and Tactic (03/04)!!! Football & Championship Manager Super Training Schedule and Tactic (03/04)!!! Home Topics Computer Games Sports Sims Football & Championship Manager Super Training Schedule and Tactic (03/04)!!! Make sure you Tick the box in 'Manager Options' that says 'rest the day after a match'. A well designed cm 03 04 training schedule can help design a professional document with unified style and design. When designing cm 03 04 training schedule, you may add related information such as championship manager 03 04 tactics, championship manager 03 04 update 2018, cm 03 04 cheats, championship manager 03 04 training guide.

Andres D'Alessandro (Wolfsburg) - pretty good AMC for the price, gets average of 8.0 most seasons with about 10 assists and 8 goals on average. Carlos Tevez (Boca Juniors) - around £10million should get him.

Tom Jebb (Liverpool) - provides a good backup for Pitt at Left Midfield. John Thorrington (Huddersfield) - super cheap and a pretty good player. Supat Rungratsamee (Portsmouth) - becomes as good as Owen in a couple of seasons scoring loads. Nicolas Anelka (Man City) - not a young player but worth signing if you can because he is brilliant.

Good young players. I saw here that in everyone's 'super teams' all the players appear to be about 30 at the start of the game, which is no good if you want to play for more than 2 or 3 seasons. Here is a list of players that develop to be some of the best on the game, and are all relatively cheap at the beggining of the first season. It does vary from game to game how well a player develops, but these ones usually become very good, provided you give them plenty of games. AM/FC, Ederson, 17 y/o, £20,000, (RS Futebol) 2. AM/FRC, Toledo, 21 y/o, £200,000, (Catanzaro) 3.

DLC, De la Cuesta, 20 y/o, £350,000, (Atletico Nacional) 4. AMR, Mariano Gonzalez, 22 y/o, £4,000,000, (Racing) 5. AMC, Diego, 18 y/o, £8,000,000, (Santos) 6.

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DC, Gabriel Milito, 22 y/o, £8,000,000, (Zaragoza) 7. FLC, Evandro Roncatto, 17 y/o, £250,000, (Guarani) 8. AM/FRL, Absalonsen, 17 y/o, £2,000,000, (Brondby) 9. SC, Kakalov, 18 y/o, £1,000,000, (Litex) 10. SC, Anatoli Todorov, 18 y/o, £1,000,000, (Litex) 11. GK, Kasper Schmeichel, 16 y/o, £230,000, (Man City) 12.

Championship Manager 03 04 Training Schedules
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