Cisco Packet Tracer Projects Examples

Cisco Packet Tracer Projects Examples

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Packet Tracer VLAN configuration. As an example, you can see a VLAN topology below. In this topology, 2 Cisco Catalyst 2950-24 switches and 6 PCs are used. ***The only complete CCNA project course using packet tracer on Udemy.*** Whenever I finished teaching CCNA in a classroom, my students ask me to give them a full project to apply their knowledge and master their practical skills. And from there, the idea of this course came.

Cisco-Packet-Tracer This project is totally dedicated to the fresh Network Engineer for new and smart learning of the Network Structure. In this concept it is possible for the networker to check the incoming & the outgoing traffic and to maintain some security concepts as well. In this logic we use the multiple Routing Protocols & Security concepts in the Networking Environment. Now it will show the proper movement of the packet from one department of the Railway office to the other Departments.

The project is associated such that it’s taking the Network Support & Maintenance Contract through Network Bulls Technology. The Railway Office is divided into different Departments named as Billing Department, Reservation Department & Accounts Departments. The project consists of the Access Control List & Network Address Translation concept for security purpose. The Railway Network is connected to the Internet Service Provider through which the Network is getting Maintained & Monitored by Network Bulls Technology.

The Dynamic Host Configuration protocol has also been applied on the internal department’s Routers so that the IP Parameters can be provided dynamically. The Routing Protocol has been applied for inside Network which is EIGRP (Enhanced Distance Vector Routing Protocol). The Default Routing has been applied on ISP (Internet Service Provider) end. The Inside Railway Server has been implemented for the working of the Network & the Database of the Internal Network to be managed.

The Concept of VLAN & Inter VLAN Routing has been implemented along with the Frame tagging & Encapsulation techniques.


Cisco Packet Tracer Projects for Cisco has developed a superb software known as Cisco Packet tracer Project for M.Tech and is essential for anyone preparing for CCNA or higher exams. Since it is very difficult to realize complex network topologies with different devices and interconnections with actual hardware, Cisco developed this product to simulate such topologies and added features which makes debugging easier to understand and implement in real world situations. Therefore one can simulate real life network topologies on their PCs without needing to physically set up devices. Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT and networking. Cisco developed a Simulator tool to understand the concept of networking named Packet Tracer.The Packet Tracer network simulation tool will help you visualize your network configuration for innovative designs built by you. In which a user or learner can make the network using virtual devices and learn the concept deeply without Purchasing the networking devices like Routers, switches, Servers, PC etc. Torrent

Cisco Packet Tracer Projects Examples
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