Crysis 3 English Language Pack

Crysis 3 English Language Pack

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Crysis 3 English Language Pack Download Links: We offer a number of high-speed download links for Medal of Honor Warfighter language patch. The download size is around 500mb for the English Language Pack.

Hi all, I've merged both your threads together, so it's easier for everyone to follow up on this. What's the current language of your Origin client? Usually this decides what language a game will be installed in when it's a multi-language title. So, if you are not using English as the Origin client's language, then please switch to English from the options menu and re-install the game (if you want it to be in English, otherwise switch to the language you would prefer).

Feel free to switch back to whatever language you want, after the game is installed. Please let me know if it works. Your method doesn't work.

I made 'Crysis 3 Digital Deluxe Edition' preorder. Today game became available, but in 'My Games' 'Hunter Edition' is shown and are available only the Russian and Polish localization. Nonton film brave subtitle indonesia. The Russian localization is awful. I specially bought Deluxe Edition since in the description opportunity to establish original English localization was specified. Even now upon purchase information on available languages is issued.

In the list: English (America), English (Europe), Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish. Talked to support. It's probably because we bought POLISH and RUSSIAN version ONLY, so we are not able to choose international/english. I am really, really disappointed. I thought it's common that you can choose international/english version on international platforms such as Steam or Blizzard clients. Apparently, on Origin you can't.

Now I feel like my money is wasted, I bought game from polish store, but I can't speak polish fluently and I want to play it in original version. No one ever mentioned that it's separated for specific languages. There are multilanguage versions and specific language versions. I ask - why is that? Is it THAT big problem to let your clients choose any language they want, EA? They bought the game after all, paid for it like everyone else did.

Crysis 3 english language pack list

Why should we be limited to play it in language we don't want to, only because we bought it in a wrong country? I would understand if it were a book bought in specific country. But Origin is international platform, and so is Crysis game, with multiplayer and so. So there shouldn't be dividance between languages and countries. I'm totally disappointed.

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Got high hopes that there are chances for it to be changed. And I know many people feel the same.

Do something EA, don't let our gaming expeirence be ruined by strange language limitations. Thanks in advance! Im in ukrain but from norway, i cant speak or understand russian or polish, my origin is changed to norwegian but store via origin browser is is russian, so i weant to origin store via norwegian site and bought the game because it will bind to my account anyway. I paied full prise but still i can only install it in russian and polish. I found a site online where u can download language pack. But im nott shure how this will work.

Im waiting for EA advisor to talk to now so i will ask them out. I will try some options and gett back to you guys for a fix. But seriously EA and origin shuld realy make people deside language of origin store and where they want to buy the game and dont lett it be decided by ip because its werry missleading. All others like steam and blizzard know this so EA u have something to learn! And people from russia to like play in enlish because game storry telling is better that way to.

Make a fast fix for us so we dont need to use back dors to fix a product that shuld normaly give u these options at reelese! I have the same problem. I've preordered digital deluxe mostly because of the opportunity to get the English version, as it was stated in the description. It's the second time in a row, actually.

Even though I selected 'country' and 'language' in both client and the web page, all my purchases are in Russian. At least with 'Dead Space 3' I was able to swap it for the English version with the help of your live tech support, but when I tried to do such thing with 'Crysis 3', I was told to call the Russian tech support number and rather frustrated guy told me that it is impossible. That's a great way to give your customers buyer's remorse and kind of shows why people prefer other digital distributors. Please, fix this issue, because it is really frustrating. After all, I've preordered this game to be able to play English version it as soon as possible, and now I can not do it, since I'm stuck with Polish and Russian versions.

Someone else seems to be in this position, judging from on the Tech Support Forum. The answers from the site moderators indicate that you can't legally download these. If you do not have the English pak on the CD like Koala said we wont be able to help you as it will infringe on EA's copyright agreement. And Yes, there are different DVD's of the game with different contents (language pack), each DVD has a license agreement.

Crysis 3 English Language Pack
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