Dicom Sender Software

Dicom Sender Software

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Jul 15, 2013 - Orthanc aims at providing a simple, yet powerful standalone DICOM server. It includes software for examining, constructing and converting. Convert into DICOM and send to PACS MedDream SendToPACS is DICOM converter and sender. Using this software you can convert images and video files to DICOM and send them to PACS.

Dovo Windows OS X Linux Point of care, cross-platform software for importing DICOM CD and files then sending it to PACS. Usage scenario is front desk staff getting handed a CD with patient's images. This tool allows the front desk to preview the images, and send to PACS. Tested on Windows and OS X. • Supports Group Policy for PACS destinations on Windows. • Supports Windows Vista and above including Windows 10 • Supported on OS X • Works on Linux • Supports Unicode file and path.


• Image preview • No dll's need to be distributed. • Native, no Java required.

Download Binary Source Development notes The program is The data in sqlite is always utf8. WxWidgets is utf32 on Windows and utf8 everywhere else. Requirements • CMake • XCode on OS X • Visual Studio 2012 or higher on Windows • gcc on Linux Third party dependency The build scripts pull these automatically. Kitobi sahih al buhori tochiki. • wxWidgets please extract under./wxWidgets • DCMTK please use snapshot or git, and extract under./dcmtk • boost please extract under./boost • Visual Leak Detector installed for debug release for Windows • zlib please extract under./zlib on Windows • openjpeg please extract under./openjpeg • fmjpeg2koj please extract under./fmjpeg2koj Author Ing-Long Eric Kuo Follow Donate • bitcoin segwit: bc1qemt58qxy3me3mkllnt2u6sd72h8mycrz9qd72s • bitcoin: 1NJxjksqAbFdwdkKiED6mZq2h69CRpJoTa License This software is licensed under the GPL. For use under another license, please contact Ing-Long Eric Kuo. Waldorf blofeld license sl hack.

Dicom Sender Software
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