Drevo Dinastiya Romanovih

Drevo Dinastiya Romanovih

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Izvor rodbine. Romanovi izhajajo iz stare bojarske rodbine. Prvi poznani prednik Romanovih, Andrej Ivanovič Kobyla, je bil v 14. Stoletju bojar na dvoru moskovskih velikih knezov (leta 1347 je bil omenjen v dokumentu velikega knez Simeona Ivanoviča). Rodbina se je kasneje delila na veliko vej. Yearly 2012-07-01T00:00:00+00:00 yearly. Yearly yearly.

Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Surname usage [ ] Legally, it remains unclear whether any ever abolished the surname of Michael Romanov (or of his subsequent male-line descendants) after his accession to the Russian throne in 1613, although by tradition members of reigning dynasties seldom use surnames, being known instead by dynastic titles ('Tsarevich Ivan Alexeevich', 'Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich', etc.). From January 1762 [ December 1761], the monarchs of the claimed the throne as relatives of (1708-1728), who had married.

Thus they were no longer Romanovs by, belonging instead to the Holstein-Gottorp of the German that reigned in Denmark. The 1944 edition of the records the name of Russia's ruling dynasty from the time of Peter III (reigned 1761-1762) as 'Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov'. However, the terms 'Romanov' and 'House of Romanov' often occurred in official references to the Russian imperial family.

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The coat-of-arms of the Romanov was included in legislation on the imperial dynasty, and in a 1913, Russia officially celebrated the '300th Anniversary of the Romanovs' rule'. After the February Revolution of March 1917, a special decree of the granted all members of the imperial family the surname 'Romanov'.

[ ] The only exceptions, the descendants of the (1891-1942), took (in exile) the surname. House of Romanov [ ]. A 16th-century residence of the Yuryev-Zakharyin boyars in, near The Romanovs share their origin with two dozen other Russian noble families. Their earliest common ancestor is one, attested around 1347 as a in the service of. Later generations assigned to Kobyla an illustrious. An 18th-century claimed that he was the son of the prince Glanda Kambila, who came to Russia in the second half of the 13th century, fleeing the invading.

Indeed, one of the leaders of the rebellion of 1260–1274 against the was named Glande. This legendary version of the Romanov's origin is contested by a more plausible version of their descent from a boyar family from Novgorod. His actual origin may have been less spectacular.

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Not only is Kobyla Russian for ', some of his relatives also had as nicknames the terms for horses and other domestic animals, thus suggesting descent from one of the. [ ] One of Kobyla's sons,, a member of the boyar of, was nicknamed Koshka ('cat').

His descendants took the surname Koshkin, then changed it to Zakharin, which family later split into two branches: Zakharin-Yakovlev and Zakharin-Yuriev. During the reign of, the former family became known as Yakovlev ( among them), whereas grandchildren of [] changed their name to 'Romanov'. Rise to power [ ] The family fortunes soared when Roman's daughter,, married (the Terrible), the Grand Prince of Moscow, on 3 (13) February 1547. Since her husband had assumed the title of, which literally means ', on 16 January 1547, she was crowned the very first of Russia. Her mysterious death in 1560 changed Ivan's character for the worse. Suspecting the boyars of having poisoned his beloved, Tsar Ivan started a against them.

Drevo Dinastiya Romanovih
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