Evgeniya Nikolaevna Krasnova Istoriya Rekursii

Evgeniya Nikolaevna Krasnova Istoriya Rekursii

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Share • LinkedIn • Facebook • Twitter 5 Looking for Yevgenia Krasnova after Chapter 2? You are at the right place! Who is Yevgenia Krasnova? Chapter Two of is probably the most confusing Chapter Two of a best-seller I’ve ever read.


Yevgenia Nikolayevna Krasnova was a neuroscientist and an unpublished novelist with a track record of divorcing three philosopher husbands. She wrote with her heart and soul but in a fashion not appreciated by most contemporary publishers. 1st siberian studio mouse hd torrent. Failing to convert her work to royalties, she ended up putting the entire manuscript online.

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After five years, her lottery moment finally arrived when a small publisher noticed the value of her pieces and offered a deal. Yevgenia’s career unexpectedly rocketed and sold millions of copies her book, A Story of Recursion. Thanks to Yevgenia’s success, the small publishing house also expanded into a big corporation. The Chapter ceases.

Yes, I get that this is an example of a Black Swan. However, I was very puzzled by the story with no sandwiched explanation or any bridging to the previous chapter. Serving as a chapter, it really breaks the flow of the book. Is that how philosophers write books? The book is not a light read since it contains so many abstract concepts.

After the peculiar insertion of Yevgenia’s story, I started to doubt whether this book is overrated. I feel that I’ve had a heavy dose of Taleb today. I need a break to digest.

Why did Taleb Write about Yevgenia Krasnova? Although reading the book is mentally demanding, I was very intrigued by the heartening story of Yevgenia. So I googled her. To my surprise, I didn’t find such a person. Instead, I found a lot of readers like me who looked for Yevgenia. The first Google result about Yevgenia led me to posted by a British man who apparently shared my daze. He questioned the Black Swan to be “the most annoying book in the world”.

Download I didn’t read through the article since it was just as boring as mine. Whereas reading the comment section was much more fun.

I realized that many commenters were like me who stopped reading at the end of Chapter Two and then started searching for Yevgenia. Suddenly, one commenter caught my eye: he asked us to read the first page of Chapter Three, just one more page after Chapter Two.

So I followed and reopened my book to page 26. The title of Chapter Three is equally confusing - the Speculator and the Prostitute. (Okay, whatever) As I read through not until the bottom did I find a small footnote saying “To those readers who Googled Yevgenia Krasnova, I am sorry to say that she is (officially) a fictional character”!

A fake person!? I felt that I was drifting in boundless bewilderment. I just couldn’t process what was going on with this book. However, as I read the comment section, I realized an interesting phenomenon - most of the blog readers say that they arrived at this page because they Googled Yevgenia. This might seem quite normal to a person who doesn’t own a blog, but why did that appear strange to me? Yevgenia Krasnova Boosted a Random Blog Article Coincidentally, I’m voraciously learning how to drive traffic to. Having implemented a few SEO tricks, I still had tremendous difficulties with bringing my page to the first five google pages even by specifically searching my name and keywords.

In other words, my blog is still invisible even someone purposely looks for it. However, this blogger has a heck of achievement by occupying the prime real estate of Google search result. What struck me is that the quality of the blog is fairly poor with many dead links, absolutely zero search engine optimization, no keywords in the title, no H1 or H2 tags, no customized URL, and no update since 2012. But it has a very enviable traffic - the time range of comments spanned over five years from 2007 to 2011 when the comment section was closed. Similar to what I secretly thought, I found a comment in 2010 that spelled it out loud for me - “(Taleb) is the only reason for all of us arriving (the) boring blog”! Interestingly, the author himself couldn’t explain his unexpected popularity, either.

Evgeniya Nikolaevna Krasnova Istoriya Rekursii
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