Eyeshield 21 Full Episodes Torrent Download

Eyeshield 21 Full Episodes Torrent Download

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Download Eyeshield 21 Full Episode Subtitle Indonesia (1-145) End Sayang sekali yah gan anime Eyeshield 21 ini hanya tamat sampai episode 145, padahal seru-seru nya. Semoga pengarang nya. Watch online and download anime Eyeshield 21 Episode 3 english subbed in high quality. Eyeshield 21 – Sena is like any other shy kid starting high school; he’s just trying to survive. Ohayou minna-san, support us and like our page if you wanna see new episodes links, Anime and Manga news, vines, funny pics and more 🙂.

The Kyoshin Poseidons dominate the Deers by a score of 31-14. When a reporter wants to interview Eyeshield 21, Sena quickly changes into his other identity as Eyeshield, but soon runs into the Poseidon's Mizumachi, who challenges Sena/Eyeshield to a little match: trying to run the ball past him. But Mizumachi's size is so great that Sena/Eyeshield runs away.

Afterwards, the Devil Bats and the White Knights eat BBQ, but Sena is so depressed. Janome digitizer pro download So he steps outside, but once again meets Mizumachi, but Kakei is there too.


Sena is 'convinced' by Hiruma to 'get' Eyeshield. However, when Kakei sees Sena as Eyeshield, Kakei knows that Sena is not the real Eyeshield. There's really a running back named Eyeshield 21?! Sena and the team meet Onihei Yamamoto, the captain and a lineman from the Hashiratani Deers. But he's not just any old lineman; Onihei is an cunning ultra veteran with a small body who even fellow lineman Kurita greatly admires!

In fact, Onihei is the reason why Kurita came to love football in the first place. The next game in the American Football Tournament is between Onihei's Hashiratani Deers and the Kyoshin Poseidons. At first, the Deers take the lead, but when the Poseidons add in two tall linemen, the tide quickly changes as even Onihei can't seem to topple the two giants. In order to keep the secrets of the Devil Bat Ghost away from other teams, Hiruma wants Sena/Eyeshield to not use the Devil Bat Ghost until a real game.

Sena, Monta, Suzuna, and Komusubi go to the Shuuei arena, the site of where the Devil Bats will play their next game. There, they watch the Shuuei Elephants practice with the Ojo White Knights' Shin and Ootawara. Later, the Elephants have a scrimmage with the Samurai Warriors, who are short on players. So Monta, Komusubi, and eventually Sena/Eyeshield decide to play in the scrimmage on the Samurai Warriors' side.

A reporter is on the look out for Eyeshield 21 to due an exclusive interview in order to get closer to finding out Eyeshield 21's secret identity. Suzuna who is now the Devil Bats new cheerleader helps him avoid the reporter while in the process of asking him of why he plays american football. This leads him to flashbacks of how he was forced to join the Devil Bats and become Eyeshield 21. He explains how he started enjoying the game and the friendship gained while training and cemented during the training in America. Eyeshield wants to compete against Panther-kun that he works overtime to get him on the field but there is a problem the coach of the NASA Aliens benches any player that doesn’t fallow his instructions or strategy and Panther-kun is one of those benched players.

After the second touchdown from Eyeshield the Deimon Devil Bats are two points behind the NASA Aliens. Panther-kun begs the coach to let him into the game to stop Eyeshield and the coach ignores him. And with another shuttle pass the NASA Aliens Extend their lead once again. Krestik vampir 3 sezon. But again with one of Hiruma tricky strategies the Deimon Devil Bats are able to score a touchdown. Eyeshield is able to intercept a pass giving the ball back to the Devil Bats, and with the Devil Bats are able to score another touchdown. Panther-kun asks the coach again if he can play in the games but this time the whole team is behind Panther-kun and the coach finally allows Panther-kun into the game.

Eyeshield 21 Full Episodes Torrent Download
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