Game Between Him Were Sleeping Help

Game Between Him Were Sleeping Help

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With your son, let him know before you talk to the family that this is something you need to discuss to share your concern for the boy. Talk to him and let him know that parents love their kids, want to care for and protect them and that you’d want the same if he was struggling with something. Maybe relate it to a story he may identify with.

I feel that Ender is a brilliant little boy who has the ability to hurt people, but hates to do so because it makes him feel like his brother, Peter who he hates. I think this because E nder does things in a mature way. An example could be when Stilson began to bully him, but instead saying anything that could get him into more trouble, he didn't speak. I know he has the ability to hurt people because he beat up Stilson, but know he hates to do so because afterwards, he cried about it. Valentine seems like a gentle girl who is very protective of her brother, Ender.


I learned this when she came to Ender's defense when Peter stepped on him. I feel like Peter is a strong boy with a low self esteem and uses his strength in bad ways.

My feelings come from the part of the book when Peter forced Ender to play Bugger and Astronaut, then stepped on him and threatened to kill him. I think he has low self esteem because when he noticed that Ender got his monitor taken off, he boasted about how he got his taken off at a younger age, trying to made Ender feel bad and trying to make himself feel better. It isn't healthy for him to not show homesickness in front of any other person because he is keeping his feelings bottled up inside.

It's positive to show feelings because it can give others a sense of who you are and it releases stress that has built up inside of you, or releases a good feeling. It can be negative to show feelings because it could make others feel bad or make you embarrassed For example, if someone did well on a test and let it show, others might feel bad or, if someone was sad and started crying, others might make fun of them. A positive thing about not showing feelings is that it could get a person out of a situation they don't want to be in and could teach a person how to control them self.

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Game Between Him Were Sleeping Help

It is negative to not show feelings because it could eventually make someone immune to feelings and become emotionless. When Ender thought about 'Just living,' he meant that he wanted to go home and live a normal life to be raised like a normal person and not just to be a soldier in the battle against the buggers.Ender did this only for a brief time as a young six year-old, but besides that, he didn't get to live much of a normal life. If I were Ender, I would feel sad to have missed out on a normal child hood and would be curious to know what it's like to be able to gradually grow up with friends and family at home. Ender learns from Bonzo that to be a leader, he must not show any weakness in front of the group. An example of this is when Ender forced Bonzo to let him teach his friends how to shoot otherwise, he claimed to get Bonzo iced. Instead of surrendering to Ender in front of the whole army, Bonzo pretended to change his mind the next day. Bonzo also showed signs of authority by only letting others speak with permission and hurting people when they disobeyed.

As Petra spoke out of turn one time, he slapped her across the face. When Bonzo and the other boys first came into the bathroom, Ender provoked Bonzo by talking about how his father would be proud of him. Ender said things such as, 'Your father would be proud of you,' and '.he would say, oh, what honor.' After that, Dink came in and talked about how if he touched Ender he was a 'buggerlover.' Bonzo reacted to Ender talking about his father by making himself 'even' with Ender and taking his clothes off. After Dink talked about Ender being what the world needed, Bonzo smiled and built up even more hatred towards Ender. On the raft, Valentine did what Graff had asked her to do and convince Ender that he was the only one in the world that could defeat the buggers, whether he wanted to or not.

They talked about how Peter was the one who actually want to rule the world and have his name known, but Ender was the one who had to win the next invasion because all of the world depended on it. Valentine loves both Peter and Ender, with Peter wanting to be famous, and Ender who has to become famous and defeat the buggers. This topic was discussed when valentine said, 'Two faces of the same coin. And I am the metal in between.' Then Ender replied, 'The trouble with coins is, when one face is up, the other is down.'

Beside that, the two talked about the nets, being Wiggen children, and Demosthenes. Since Valentine hadn't seen Ender in such a long time, she only remembered him as a small little boy. Because of Ender being gone, Valentine turned to Peter to be with who, though she hated him, understood him. Now, Valentine was realizing that her and Peter may be more similar than she thought, and that maybe her thoughts were coming from jealousy. A memory was mentioned in the book about Valentine, Peter, and Ender playing with blocks, and Peter always taking a block out to make it fragile enough for the next person who took a block out to knock the tower down. This shows how Peter was annoying to her, but brought focus to their childhoods.Peter always understood Valentine and knew so much about her, but she never got embarrassed when he guessed her worst thoughts. Valentine felt the opposite about Ender though, and didn't want him to know what she was thinking because she would get embarrassed.

Game Between Him Were Sleeping Help
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