Honda Atc Engine Serial Numbers

Honda Atc Engine Serial Numbers

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Jun 26, 2009 - how can I tell what year my engine is? I figure by the vin on the engine but. On the second page it explains what the serial numbers represent. Dec 31, 2017 - Honda Atc Engine Serial Numbers. Find the VIN number on the ATV. This is mounted on the frame generally near the bottom. It is a 17-digit.

Find the VIN number on the ATV. This is mounted on the frame generally near the bottom.


It is a 17-digit number. Look at the first three digits. These represent the World Manufacturer's Identifier, or WMI. The first digit denotes the country of origin. If the initial number is a 1, the ATV was manufactured in the U.S. If it is a J, it means your Honda was made in Japan.

The second digit will be an H for Honda. The third digit is the vehicle type or manufacturing division. This could be a 3 or a 5, for example, for all-terrain vehicle, or an M, for example, for motorcycle division.

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Use the next five numbers (four though eight) as a group. These digits are called the Vehicle Description Section and represent the details of the ATV, such as series, model and engine type. Find the ninth digit. Treat this number in isolation.

It is assigned to protect against vehicle identification fraud and can be traced back to the ATV by the manufacturer. Check that the 10th digit matches the year of manufacture.

From 2000 onward, it is a number, and before 2000, it is a letter. For example, a 1998 model will have the letter W in the 10th position. Determine the plant where the ATV was made with the 11th digit. A represents the Ohio factory in the U.S.; B is the Aalstd factory in Belgium; C is the Saitama factory in Japan; D is Guadajara in Mexico; E is the Montesa, Spain factory; F is the Italian Atessa factory; K is the Japanese Kumamoto factory; M is the Hamamatsu factory in Japan; R is the Manaus factory in Brazil; S the Suzuka factory in Japan; T is the Japanese Tochigi plant; and 4 is the South Carolina U.S.

Use the final six digits to see the unique production sequence of the ATV. This can show you when your ATV came off the production line and is used for product recalls if only a portion of the production was affected by an issue.

I think you need a spacer plate. It sounds like you have an 87-89 long rod and an 86 piston in it.

That would make the piston come up too far. If you look around there is all the info you need, or wait till wilkin's or beerock see's this thread, they know more than I.

One thing I do know is that the numbers on the engine won't tell you anything. You have to check the numbers on the piston and rod. I have seen a thread not too long ago that compleatley explained everything with the numbers for the pistons and rods from different years. I'll try to find it. Originally posted by bananas No, something is different, the piston is coming up to far. Not sure of the Year of the engine.

Honda is no help. I called 4 dealers. Waste of time.

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Someone must have a book with the serial number for the engine. I have the serial numbers for TRX250 for 86 to 89. I Brought it to a shop and they were confused. Please Help.Thanks Most dealers don't want to take the time to look info like this up for you, and every one of them should have the book required to do this. You are in luck, since I have the book. The motor is out of an 86 ATC. The TB06E means its out of an ATC, the 2509951 is the sequence number and tells me it's an 86.

Honda Atc Engine Serial Numbers
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