How To Hack Your Old Webkinz Account

How To Hack Your Old Webkinz Account

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If you already have an account have your parent visit the Parent’s Area from the home page and create a Parent’s Account. The parent’s email they use to create their Parent’s Account can also be used to recover your Webkinz World user name and password. Force Then, if you ever forget your login information, just click the “Forgot Login?” button on the login screen, choose the Parent’s Email option, and then enter the parent’s email they used to create their Parent’s Account. Your user name and a link to reset your password will then be sent to that address and you’ll be back in Webkinz World taking care of your pets in no time! So, this is a question for my sister’s Webkinz account. She remembers all her login information, but since she hasn’t been on it in years, she can’t get in.


We tried to do the parent part where if you put in the email used years ago to create the account then there is a chance she could get back in. The thing is though that we no longer remember what email was used. Is there a chance that since she still knows her login info that instead of having to try and find that email, that she could possibly send in her username and password, and just prove that the account is hers, and it could become unarchived.

How To Hack Your Old Webkinz Account
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