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Jodi Arias Bikini Images Images

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Jan 09, 2013  The long awaited trial of Jodi Arias began in Maricopa County County Superior Court in Arizona on Jan. Jodi Arias Trial: Jodi Arias' Personal Photos (PHOTOS) Jodi Arias. 'Ex-girlfriend of Travis Alexander thinks ominous email was from Jodi Arias' 'Photos 1 of Jodi Arias, convicted of first-degree murder in the slaying of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in Arizona, USA, on June' Face of a killer! She deserves the death penalty.'

• • • • • • • Jodi Arias hid her face and wept today as the court was shown sexually explicit photos of her with ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander just hours before he was brutally murdered. Detective Michael Melendez told the Phoenix court on Monday that he had recovered the deleted pictures from the victim's camera. Arias shielded her face with her hair and touched her eyes with a tissue as the prosecution showed jurors naked photographs of the pair taken around 1.45pm on June 4, 2008. Several hours later, at 5.30pm, a series of photographs show 30-year-old Alexander in the shower with the water running.

The images appeared to have been taken by someone else. Scroll down for video.

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Seedy: The images from the camera were time-stamped as June 4, 2008 Detective Melendez told the court that although pictures had been deleted from the camera, they remained on the hard drive. Earlier in the day, the jury watched police interrogation tapes of Arias as she denied over and over again that she had stolen a handgun and used it to kill her ex-boyfriend. Arias repeatedly told authorities that she had never seen the gun and did not know her grandparents kept one at their home in Yreka, California until it had been stolen. The.25-caliber gun went missing a week before Alexander was killed, during a break-in at the home Arias shared with her grandparents. Police told the court today that the burglary appeared 'odd' because only one gun was stolen out of four and piles of coins had not been taken. Caught: An image apparently shows the back of Travis Alexander's head with his arm raised as blood trickles down his neck.

A leg in the foreground obstructs most of the image Prosecutors have claimed that Arias repeatedly stabbed Alexander in his shower before dragging him to his bedroom and slicing his throat. She then allegedly took him back to the bathroom to shoot him in the head. Two friends found his body in the shower on June 9, 2008, five days after he was killed. Defense attorneys say the trickling blood in the image is from Arias shooting Alexander in the head in self-defense, reported. The prosecution alleges he was already dead when this wound was inflicted.

Investigators found the grisly image on Alexander's camera, which had been thrown in the washing machine and put through a washing cycle with blood-soaked towels and clothes after his murder. 'Obsessed': Arias, 32, allegedly stabbed Travis Alexander, pictured, 27 times and shot him in the head It is just one of many photographs shown by prosecutors in the murder trial of the 32-year-old photographer accused of killing her one-time boyfriend, a Mormon motivational speaker.

In the opening days of the trial last week, the jury also saw blood-splattered scenes inside his home, as well as blood stains in his bedroom carpet. They were also shown images of his horrifying wounds, including defensive wounds across his hands, and a neck wound so deep as she sliced his neck that it hit the bone.

Jodi Arias Bikini Images Images
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