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Today I've got a FREE auto clicker for your PC to show you! Using AutoHotkey, we are able to create an awesome, free auto clicker! And auto clicker allows you to click your mouse automatically! It can literally auto click your mouse! This auto clicker guide was made in 2017, but auto hotkey code is usually backwards compatible so this auto clicker should work on PC even after 2017.

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*********************** here is the AutoHotkey script you need to copy and paste when you are making the auto clicker - copy all the code from the link above. ^^^ I have done this as many people were having issues with the formatting changing in the description. Shkali priborov vaz 2106 cena. Doing this just makes it easier for you, coz now there are no weird errors.

*********************** We use AutoHotkey to build our auto clicker as it is very well known and safe to use, and also because it works extremely well! An auto clicker is perfect for games that require a lot of clicking such as clicker heroes and adventure capitalist, as well as for other click intensive tasks! This auto clicker will work on any PC running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and also possibly older versions of Windows, but unfortunately, this auto clicker will not be usable on mac os.

This is a super easy auto clicker tutorial! There are tons of bad auto clicker programs, for windows and mac, but most of them are bad or cost money. This AutoHotkey auto clicker script is FREE, and works very well!

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