Martin Luther King Jr I Have A Dream Mp3 Download

Martin Luther King Jr I Have A Dream Mp3 Download

Martin Luther King Jr I Have A Dream Mp3 Download Average ratng: 6,1/10 4749 votes

I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King.Jr HD (subtitled) (Remastered) 6:47 Play. Bakermat - One Day (Vandaag) (Videoclip). Free MP3 Download. Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream Speech August 28, 1963. VBR MP3 download. Download 9 Files download 6 Original. IN COLLECTIONS. Community Audio.

I'm a white woman, age 38. I wish I could have been there, to hear the speech first hand. To join hands with the people there. To be baptized with the hope and inspiration that must have washed over the crowd.

But I listened to the full speech just now, and I know we have failed him. We are still divided on color lines. African Americans still have to suffer hatred, ignorance, racism, distrust, invalidation. Lack of equality.

Serial crack We still have racism on both sides and it makes me ashamed and saddened to the point of despair. I don't know when or if it will ever be fixed.


When it will change, be eradicated. Our entire society is built on dualities. It's how we were taught to think. And from the time we're little, somewhere along the way, we learn to mistreat those who are different from us. It hurts me to my soul. I just wish Dr. King was still here.

We still desperately need him. And I'd love to ask his counsel. Blessings, Peace, and Unity to all, Holly. Martin Helped all people stand up. I am gratefull that He lived. He gave us this speach knowing that he was Right, in All that he said. People are hard cases, and he knew it.


Old prejudice ways were deeply seated in most caucasions. If Martin had been a trouble maker; we would have had more shame and bloodshed. Where are the leaders like him. Where have they all gone to.I am thankfull, though for our President.President Obama, and His Lovely Wife,Our Fist Lady, are Great Leaders.We need more like them.

They make all people proud to be living in the USA.

Martin Luther King Jr I Have A Dream Mp3 Download
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