Mayavi Mari Chan Tamil Serial

Mayavi Mari Chan Tamil Serial

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Aug 03, 2014  SHAKTIMAAN TAMIL 66,969 views 10:01 Shaktimaan Hindi – Best Kids Tv Series - Full Episode 57 - शक्तिमान - एपिसोड ५७ - Duration: 42:58. Tag:dialogues,new tamil movies cut songs free download for mobile,tamil movies ringtones free download for mobile.

The 80s was the era of Doordarshan with soaps like Hum Log, Buniyaad and comedy shows like Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi which made Doordarshan a household name. Circus, Gul Gulshan Gulfam and Nukkad are some of the serials that come instantly to my mind when I think of the good old days of Doordarshan. Those were phenomenal days when people gathered in crowds to watch the telecast of these serials. The characters of Ramayan and Mahabharat were almost worshiped like God and Goddess throughout the country.

Other popular programs included Hindi film songs based programs like Chitrahaar and Rangoli and crime thrillers like Karamchand, Byomkesh Bakshi, Tehkikaat and Janki Jasoos. This is the big list of Old Doordarshan TV shows and serials. 24 Hi guys.lovely to go back in time,black and white televisions,everyone waiting so eagerly for their favourite serials (wel they were all good or may be we didnt had any choice or option )but they all were great and super,I am looking for one particular serial MULLAH NASEERUDDIN which was made by Doordarshan in collaboration with Russians or Tajikistan?


With RAGHUVIR YADAV as the main character.If anyone knows about any link or may be sites who are selling the DVDs,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. 51 Hi Abhi, Nice to see that there are people who do rember baba papa and Giant robot.

Well I want to know the name of a very Humorous English movie (perhaps black and white) telecasted some time between 1987-1989 when i was in class 7th, 8th or 9th in which lots of planes were shown flying in a race in late night series on Friday or Saturday which was having a bit of of adult content rating at that time. Today the ‘A’ rating has progressed a lot and i would now rate it U and like to arrange a copy of that movie for my kids. Politik Any body who might have happen to see that movie and just rembers name may just mail me the name of the movie at my email id.

Thanks, Pankaj. 97 Pleeeeease. If any one know about this cartoon, then please let me know There was a girl who will talk at special occassions(i clearly dnt know abt it.) there was a witch in this cartoon, a bird which is a boy who is actually related to the girl.

At the end of the serial(i think) the witch tease the girl with a needle at her feet for her to speak. But she wont because the boy will be a bird forever she also has the habit of sewing dresses. If anybody knows about this toon give me the name of it pleaseeee. 125 hey friends! Jab bhi hum doordarshan ki baat karten hain hume amara bachapan yaad aa jata hai. Jab hamara bachapan beet raha tha tab shayad kisi ne socha bhi na hoga ki is tarah se hum ise yaad karenge.

Sach mein doordashan kaal ek sunehra kaal tha, aaj bhalle hi hazaron chanel aa gaye hon, har roj 10 movies aa rahi hon lekin jo exictment sunday 5.45 ki movie ke intejar mein hoti thi voh aaj kahan? DD1 ke bina humara bachapan kaise hota? Software fingerprint magic 4000 square. DD1 is the best channel of my life i can say.


I love dd1, I love all the programmes & missed all the programme if u feel so kindly talk to me as uner. 136 please give the name of teleflim in which the boy mother is getting sick and always remain on bed while the boy father gets married with other women and bring her at home.but the boy always get anger with his dada for getting another mother to him.

One day mother was going to die she sing a song before she dies to his son, the song was chotisi hain meri kagaz ki naav kagaaz ki nav. She makes a paper boat to him before she dies. So pls give me this information pls all of u of 1990s DD SERIAL LOVERS. 139 heyyyyy im desperately trying to look for the title of a hindi serial.

Infact i live in Mauritiusand the hindi show used to be broadcast during the 1990s. There used to be a hosthe used to introduce either a girl or a boy, who was hidden by a curtain drom 3 boys or girls.then the person introduced by the host used to ask questions to the 3 girls/ boys.@ the end the girl/ boy used to choose 1 boy/girl from the 3 contestants. What show was it? I also know the host is an actor who used to play in hindi serials and films.i remember his face but his name escapes me.pliz plizzzzz plizzzzhope i can get an answer!! 172 Hello, I like the actress neha whose real name shabana raza who acted the films like *Kareeb:: 1998 *Hogi Pyaar Ki Jeet:: 1999 *Fiza:: 2000 *Rahul:: 2001 *Ehsaas: The Feeling:: 2001 *Kranti:: 2002 *Muskaan:: 2004 *Karam:: 2005 *Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai:: 2005 *Aatma:: 2006 *Alli Thandha Vaanam(tamil):: 2001 she alo anchor TV shows like DD Metro’s filmi roadshow, Public Choice etc. I dont know the others.

Mayavi Mari Chan Tamil Serial
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