Medinskij Kurs Slovarj K 1 Tomu

Medinskij Kurs Slovarj K 1 Tomu

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Jackson 5 anthology rar. Un extrait du document CONTENT THE LATVIAN ACADEMY OF CULTURE BA STUDY PROGRAMMES 2. Self-assessment of the BA Study Programme. 3.Sub programmes: 3.1. The Theory and Management of Culture (code 442261) 3.1.1. Self-assessment 3.1.2. Structure 3.1.3.

Description of the Study Courses 3.2. The Sociology of Culture and Public Relations ( code 442131) 3.2.1. Self-assessment 3.2.2. Structure 3.2.3. Description of the Study Courses 3.3. Traditional Culture and Latvian Folklore (code 442262) 3.3.1. Self-assessment 3.3.2.

Structure 3.3.3. Description of the Study Courses 3.4. The Theatre, the Cinema and TV Drama (code 442152) 3.4.1. Self-assessment 3.4.2. Structure 3.4.3.

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Description of the Study Courses 3.5. The History and Theory of Audio-Visual Culture (code 44216103) 3.5.1. Self-assessment 3.5.2.

Structure 3.5.3. Description of the Study Courses 3.6. TV and Video Cameramen (code 44216101) 3.6.1. Self-assessment 3.6.2. Structure 3.6.3.

Medinskij Kurs Slovarj K 1 Tomu

Description of the Study Courses 3.7. TV Director (code 44216102) 3.7.1. Self-assessment 3.7.2. Structure 3.7.3. Description of the Study Courses 3.8. Drama Actor (code 44215101) 3.8.1. Self-assessment 3.8.2.

Structure 3.8.3. Description of the Study Courses 3.9. Theatre Director (code 44215102) 3.9.1.

Self-assessment 3.9.2. Structure 3.9.3. Description of the Study Courses 3.10. Choreographer, Dancer and Teacher of Modern Dance (code 442181) 3.10.1. Self-assessment 3.10.2. Structure 3.10.3. Description of the Study Courses 3.11.

International Cultural Relations (code 442263) 3.11.1. Self-assessment 3.11.2. Structure 3.11.3. Description of the Study Courses THE LATVIAN ACADEMY OF CULTURE BA STUDY PROGRAMME SELF-ASSESSMENT BA studies are designed to acquire and expand theoretical knowledge, research and creative artistic skills in the chosen study area, the management of culture or creative artistic work. The BA Study Programme of the Latvian Academy of Culture is a description of the contents and the implementation of the studies, including an overview of all the necessary resources.

TASKS AND OBJECTIVES 1. The objective of the programme is to prepare highly educated specialists, organizers, and researchers, capable of independent and creative thinking, who can work in public and private sector, in creative, research, and educational institutions. To give each student knowledge on various forms of culture and art both in theoretical and practical aspects. To involve the future specialists in practical activities: in research projects, the development and implementation of the strategy of cultural life, the designing of creative projects, and various forms of artistic expression. THE CONTENTS AND ORGANIZATION OF THE STUDIES 1. The Study Programme The BA Study Programme has been developed and is implemented by the departments of the Latvian Academy of Culture. Its management is provided by the Study Department, the Dean, and the Prorector, who is responsible for the academic work.

The study programme has been designed according to the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Latvia, the decisions of the Senate of the Latvian Academy of Culture, regulations, and other normative documents.

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Medinskij Kurs Slovarj K 1 Tomu
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