Mercedes W203 Subwoofer Installed

Mercedes W203 Subwoofer Installed

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I want to install a subwoofer box (2 12s) in the trunk of my w211. It has the Harmon Kardon sound system.

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I have been digging to see if anyone has done it and all im finding is people saying that with the HK system there is already wiring for the sub located on the rear deck and that it is a relatively easy install. But i have found no one who has actually done it and shown how to wire it to the stock headunit (i have a 09 w the updated command system) If anyone has done or knows someone who has/ is familiar with w211 audio systems any help would be much appreciated!


• I don't know if this is worthy or not of a DIY, but thought some members may find it useful that were in the same situation as me. I recently acquired an iPod touch which I wanted to integrate with my Audio 10. As I have found out through searching around there is no auxiliary input into the Audio 10 on the early w203's. I tried one of the FM transmitters which my brother gave to me, with no luck. When I could get it to pick up the sound quality was appalling at best. After some research and looking around the solution that looked best for my requirement was an FM Modulator.

This basically takes an audio input and modulates it down the aeirel into the stereo on one of the range of frequencies that you configure the modulator to use. I picked up a JVC modulator for approx. £15 from eBay. This is just a basic one, you can get 'all singing all dancing ones' that send the track name from your iPod to the head unit over RDS. Other items you will need are: • Shrink Wrap/insulation tape • Phono lead • Solder/Soldering Iron • 3.5mm Stereo Jack Panel Mount Connector • DIN > ISO aerial adaptor • ISO > DIN aerial adaptor • T20 Screwdriver / allen key • Flat blade screwdriver • Multi meter The unit will require a 12v switched feed, which I pulled from the cigar lighter.

To remove the head unit and cigar lighter you will need to follow these guides: The loom that came with the modulator came with an inline fuse attached, I spliced this loom into the wiring on the cigar lighter then soldered and shrink wrapped it up. You will need to build the loom to accept the audio input. I butchered an old stereo phono to phone lead. Then soldered and shrink wrapped it to a 3.5mm panel connector. You will need to decide where you want your aux in to be placed. I chose the compartment under the head unit.

I ran the power loom that came with the modulator back up behind the head unit, and installed it there. The end of the factory aerial is ISO and the FM modulator takes in and out using a DIN connector so you will need a DIN > ISO and ISO >Aktivator odin versii 137 2. DIN adaptor. The finished install. • Who Are We? Mercedes-Benz Owners (MBO) Forum, exists for the benefit of owners of Mercedes-Benz cars. Qualification for membership is for owners of such cars and true enthusiasm for the marque. Membership is extended to non-owners with a genuine interest in the best engineered car in the world.

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Mercedes W203 Subwoofer Installed
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