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A section of Black MIDI music. Large numbers of notes are layered in close proximity to one another, meaning that a traditional musical score appears almost completely black - hence the name 'Black MIDI' Black MIDI is a music genre consisting of compositions that use files to create a song remix containing a large number of notes, typically in the thousands or millions, and sometimes billions.

Midi Pop Indonesia

People who make black MIDIs are known as blackers. However, there are no specific criteria of what is considered 'black'; as a result, finding an exact origin of black MIDI is impossible.


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Contents • • • • • Origins and early history [ ] Though the two are unrelated in origin, the concept of impossible piano existed long before black MIDI, manifesting itself within 's work involving player pianos where he punched holes in piano cards, creating extremely complex musical compositions in the same impossible, unplayable spirit of black MIDI. Black MIDI was first employed in Shirasagi Yukki at Kuro Yuki Gohan's rendition of 'U.N.

Owen Was Her?' , an extra boss theme from the shooter video game. It was uploaded to the site in 2009, and public awareness of Black MIDI started to spread from Japan to China and Korea in the following two years. In its beginning years, Black MIDIs were represented visually with traditional, two-stave piano sheet music, contained a number of notes only in the thousands.

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Midi Pop Indonesia
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