Murex Mx3 User Manual

Murex Mx3 User Manual

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Dec 15, 2014 - Asking for Murex documentation is maybe the number one request. My company imparted me training on Mx3.1 so technically speaking I am. Murex’s MX.3 platform combines deep capital markets expertise and a successful history of client implementations, with the latest innovations in technology. Stm bengali typing software crack version install. It delivers the functional benefits of a single platform and provides flexible, market-leading business solutions for trading, risk management, collateral, operations, investment.

• Tradestig 150- 1 Tradestig 200- 1 Instruction manual and spare parts list 0459 758 074 050526 Valid for serial no. 517- -xxx- -xxxx.

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• 1 DIRECTIVE.2 SAFETY. • DIRECTIVE DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Murex Welding Products Ltd, EN8 7TF England, gives its unreserved guarantee that welding power source Tradestig 150- -1 and Tradestig 200- -1 from serial number 517 complies with standards EN 60974--1/--3, in accordance with the requirements of directive (72/23/EEC) and addendum (93/68/EEC) and with standard EN 50199 in accordance with the requirements of directive (89/336/EEC) and addendum (93/68/EEC). • WARNING ARC WELDING AND CUTTING CAN BE INJURIOUS TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS. TAKE PRECAU- TIONS WHEN WELDING. ASK FOR YOUR EMPLOYER’S SAFETY PRACTICES WHICH SHOULD BE BASED ON MANUFACTURERS’ HAZARD DATA.

ELECTRIC SHOCK - - Can kill Install and earth the welding unit in accordance with applicable standards. Do not touch live electrical parts or electrodes with bare skin, wet gloves or wet clothing. • INTRODUCTION The Tradestig 150- - 1, Tradestig 200- -1 are a welding current power sources intended for use with coated electrodes (MMA welding) and TIG welding. Equipment The Tradestig is supplied with a mains cable and an instruction manual. Accessories for the product can be found on page 23. TECHNICAL DATA Tradestig 150- -1 Tradestig 200- -1. • Parameter setting Settings Setting range In steps of: Default value Welding method TIG or MMA 2/4--stroke 2 stroke or 4 stroke 2--stroke HF / Lift Arct HF or LiftArct Slope down time 0--10 s 0.1 s 1.0 s Gas post--flow 0--25 s 0.1 s 2.0 s.

• 5.3.1 Recommended fuse sizes and minimum cable areas Tradestig 150- -1 Tradestig 200- -1 Mains voltage 230 V ¦10%, 1--phase 230 V ¦10%, 1--fas 50--60 Hz 50--60 Hz Mains frequency Fuse (delayed- -action) 10 A 85A 35% duty cycle MMA 10 A 16 A 120A 20% duty cycle MMA. • Control panel The power source checks the LEDs and all segments in the display when main switch is turned on.

The machine type and program version are also displayed. The control panel comprises a display, setting knob, LEDs and pushbuttons. Using the pushbuttons, it is possible to move between the various functions. • WELDING TIG welding During TIG welding, the return cable must be connected to (+) and the TIG torch to (--). If they are connected in reverse, the tungsten electrode will melt.

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Murex Mx3 User Manual
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