Nhk 2038 Bcas Rar Files

Nhk 2038 Bcas Rar Files

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So there isn't much info in English out there yet, but the BS card system has been hacked. 2ch is where you can find all the details, but any idiot with a card reader and a windows machine can get free BS channels (wow wow, starz etc) with minimal effort.

Nhk 2038 bcas rar files free

Looks like the B-CAS card company was bloated Ama-kudari, and didn't do anything to harden security for the past 10 years or so. The more you read, the crazier it gets. Sounds like the whole system might just have to be scrapped. More links: • • • • •.

I did kind of word that like a 'how to' commit a crime, sorry. Here is why this is a big deal though 1) There is no easy way to fix this. The only options are replace all the cards in the country (millions of them) or scrap the whole system. It is way beyond a few 'bad' foreigners stealing pay channels.

The other option is a software fix, but the firmware would have to be updated in every unit that uses a card. Most people in Japan don't even realize there is a card in their TV or what it does. Hexcmp2 234 serial code. 2) They aren't actually hacking the card in a traditional sense (rewriting code or something). They are using a backdoor put into the card by the people who developed the cards (Toshiba and Panasonic). The card can be set to show pay channels for a trial period of a week or so. The backdoor allows the trial period to be extended until 2038. This all makes the laws involved really grey.

Who does the card belong to? The tv owner, or the B-CAS company? What does the user license say? I don't know the answer to these questions, but the laws are in no way clear cut here. The people that have been arrested were selling the cards, or distributing the software used.

Even in those cases, they will probably never be charged (the charges they picked them up on are silly) the police are just trying to slow it down by scaring people who are thinking about trying it, probably because of some pressure from Tokyo. But just the fact that is made the news is huge. If the thought they could stop it, they would do everything they could to prevent it from getting on the news.

Nhk 2038 Bcas Rar Files
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