Proekt Shkola Moej Mechti Na Anglijskom Prezentaciya

Proekt Shkola Moej Mechti Na Anglijskom Prezentaciya

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The school of my dream is a big, brilliant school with wide corridors. There are new chairs and desks. There is a sport centre with good swimming pools. There is a big and beautiful park around the school. There is a nice and tasty food. There students spend a lot of time together. They help each other.


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There is a very interesting school life. Students often go for walks, on excursions, to museums and theatres. There are kind, intelligent and responsive teachers. Students go to lessons at ten o’clock. They like to study very much. For me life is a dance. I cannot imagine myself without it.

Every movement, swing, turn, makes the world brighter. I have been dancing since I was 5.

And it is passion of my life. Kartinku abonent umer. At first, I danced ballroom dancers.

It is very beautiful and elegant. Dress, heels, hair – what could be more beautiful?

Before going on a stage, you feel excitement. But once the music starts to play, once there is a great desire to come out and shows to all that you are capable.

Crowds of people are watching your every movement, a smile. And it is a true happiness. People spend huge amounds of money to explore space while lots of people living on the Earth have very dangerous diseses as AIDS. Every day we eat food wich is half of soya or has other non-natural ingredients. We waste a lot of water and polute it at the same time. We invented atomic and nuclear bombs, new spaceships wich could be pushed off the Earth and couse death. It is obviously how successfuly people are destroing their planet.

There are lots of environmental problems-endangered species, water shortages, air polution, tones of litter. Much like its neighbor Jupiter, the sixth planet from the sun has a rocky core and a gaseous surface. But Saturn is chiefly known for its intricate series of rings that encircle it. The mile-thick rings are made of countless orbiting ice particles, from less than an inch to several feet in size.

Up close, it`s clear that Saturn has more rings than we can count. But though you can`t see all of them from Earth, you can spot three of them with a good telescope. The two outermost rings are separated by a dark band called the Cassini Division, named for the astronomer who discovered it in 1675. The Cassini division isn`t empty, but it has less material in it. The middle ring is the brightest, and just inside it is a fuzzy one that can be difficult to spot. Saturn has 18 known satellites, made.

My dream-town My city is divided in two halves. In one half of the city, there are many good cottages with large roofs. The cottages have a beautiful yard with flowers and trees in front of them. There is a lovely two-storey house, too. They all have large balconies where people drink tea in the summer and rest.

In the other half of the city has a high- rise building, offices and skyscrapers. People go to the offices and work 2 days, and the rest 5 days and when they rest, they are sent in the first part of the town.

Proekt Shkola Moej Mechti Na Anglijskom Prezentaciya
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