Quick Report For Delphi Xe2 Professional

Quick Report For Delphi Xe2 Professional

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I see XE2 has FastReport. I am Converting a QuickReport to a FastReport in Delphi source, I want to determine the event method name that assigned to. Can you combine a portrait report and a landscape report using Quick Reports Pro? QuickReport is a set of components and controls that allow reports to be designed and previewed in the Delphi and C++ Builder IDEs.Applications including Quickreport functionality can then be deployed royalty free.

Michael Philippenko Thanks a lot all atendees of our webinar with Embarcadero Technologies. We hope than you are got new uesful information and as usually publishing questions and answers from this event. Q: Can an Excel report include formulas? A: Not yet, but we're planning to impliment such feature.

Q: A program may have many responsibilities, many steps, report-generation being only one of them. After generating the report, the program should be able to continue on immediately with its remaining responsibilities, with no left-over impact on the program's available memory and CPU time. So, is it possible to detach a report from the program that generated it? A: You can create reports in threads. Q: Can you force FastReport 5 to respect XLS/XLSX worksheet cell boundaries (e.g., EVERY cell in column B has exactly the same width), so that each (non-empty) worksheet cell contains exactly one value of the appropriate type (number, text, date, etc.), and each worksheet column is sized to fit? A: Sorry, not clearly understand what do you mean. Q: Can you design a report to fit cleanly into Excel cells, one value per cell, without page boundaries?

A: Yes, we have matrix export to excell so each object will be in separete cell. Q: is there an upgrade path for EDN version to pro? A: Delete Embarcadero Edition. And setup Pro one Q: Question for David. When do we expect XE7???? A: When it's done.;-) Q: will all these exports be avialable with the XE6 version of FastReports? A: Do you mean Embarcadero edition?

Q: Question for David. When do we expect XE7???? A: Check out the roadmap. Q: Yes the embarcadero Edition not Pro A: No, XE6 uses FR4 version. We're planning to deploy FR5 starts from XE7.


Q: I assume the code and events are not avaialbe with the Embarcadero version? A: Yes, the script is not available in EDN version. You can always look at differences between editions here: Q: I have an issue with Barcodes. When I try to print a Barcode type Code 39 trough FR4 and when I assign a short number like a 1. I can't read with a barcode scanner.

Do you know why happen this? A: This can be because of printer resolution. You can try to set Zoom property or BarWideRatio property. The web-report needs to export to pdf A: Live Demo is available on our web-site - with export to pdf: Q: Can you please show us how to incorporate a FR report into a Windows Service application. Doshkoljnie propisi v kletku 2. The application is multi-threaded so the report must be thread-safe.

A: Not just now:) Anyway you need Enterprise Edition for web-reporting Q: Are there example reports included with FR4? Learn by example, easier to modify a report that almost does what I want, would make it easier to get into. A: Yes, the main demo has a lot of report.

Quick Report For Delphi Xe2 Professional
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