Ramka Dlya Chertezha A1 Avtokad

Ramka Dlya Chertezha A1 Avtokad

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Maud ul: Information Technology. Working with files in Compass 3 D The purpose of the module: The development work with files of documents and examination of the foundations of a Compass 3 D. Working with files of documents in Compass 3 D In KOMPAS-3D is used by default the following file extensions. Files documents *. A3d - Files assemblies *. M3d - Part files *.

Cdw - Drawing files *. Frw - Files fragments *. Kdw - Files are text documents *. Srw - Specification file Creating, opening and saving documents To create a new document, you can use the Create button, drawing, Fragment, text document, Specification, Detail, Building on the start page, or click the Create button on the Standard toolbar, or call the command File - New. This displays a dialog pops up a new document. On the Templates tab you can choose a template for the new document.

If using a template is not required, select the type of document tab new documents. Each newly created document is displayed in a new window. To download to edit a previously created document, click Open on the Standard toolbar or invoke the command File - Open. In the new screen standard file open dialog, select the type of document, and then specify the desired file name. In that case, if you recently edited the document, and then closed it, re-opening can be done faster way. At the bottom of the File menu displays a list of the last nine documents, which worked with.

To save the document to disk, click Save on the Standard toolbar or invoke the command File - Save. When you save a document written in a file name and extension, which were installed at the very first time you save the document. If the document is stored on disk for the first time, an action similar to the recording under another name.

Sometimes you want to record the document after editing it, leaving unchanged the old version file. In this case, the preservation of the document under a different name and elsewhere on the disk. Invoke the command File - Save as. Sometimes you need to save all documents that are open for work. To do this, invoke the command File - Save All. Basics Compass 3 D Units In KOMPAS-3D uses the metric system of measures. Distances between points on the drawings and fragments are calculated and displayed in millimeters.

The user always works with the realities of governmental size (scale 1:1). The numerical parameters of the texts (the height of the font, pitch lines, the value of the tab, etc.) are set and displayed in millimeters. Interface Program KOMPAS-3D - and a multi-MDI system.

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It can be simultaneously open windows of all types of documents KOMPAS-3D - models, drawings, fragments, text documents and specifications. Btelinx windows application free download. Commands are invoked from the pages of the Main menu, context menu or using the buttons on the toolbar.

Ramka Dlya Chertezha A1 Avtokad
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