Samsung Smart Viewer 20 Pro Dvr Download

Samsung Smart Viewer 20 Pro Dvr Download

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Hi folks, joined this to seek a knight in shining armour, I bought a Samsung DVR and smartviewer 2.0 from a friend who had been using it for a few years, I would like to view my cameras romotely from home to save me driving down to my business to check on things every night. Domiki sostav chisla v predelah 10. I've been trying to set it up for months now and have no idea what i'm doing, i hired a guy who said he could do it but ended up doing the off with my cash. I have wireless internet at work and have the cameras set up to view in the workshop, but i can't get it connected to my home computer, i'm not too good with computers, only basics. Ths set-up on the DVR looks like this. Ip gateway subnet mask dns Transfer Protocol proto type TCP port TCP 554 port UDP 8000 multicast ip Callback settings ip address port 7900 Trans pic settings Webviewer port settings port 8080 I have a NETGEAR router at work, please any help would be great, i really don't know where to turn, Thanks in advance guys. There's a lot of Samsung DVR units out there. Each configuration may vary slightly.


Samsung SmartViewer is a free software to support a varied range of Samsung DVRs that lets users to view the live video. Samsung DVR Software Smart Viewer. Samsung Smart Viewer 2.0 Pro Dvr Download. 1/28/2018 0 Comments. Samsung smart view 2 0 free download - Samsung Smart View, B-View 2 Reset for Windows 10, ElshayalSmart, and many more programs. Sep 10, 2017 No specific info about version 2.0.

Some use the Samsung Smartview software, while others may use the 'websamsung' link to view the cameras. For instance, an older Samsung DVR, depending on model number may use the websamsung link like the one below so the camera owner can view his/her cameras online with X-Browser via a computer, smartphone or tablet: (NOTE: 'x's' would be your actual numeric IP address) If you were to copy & paste that link into a Browser (using YOUR IP address in place of the 'x's AND providing your PORT is also 8080), once you hit enter, you should get a pop-up prompt that asks for User ID and Password. If you enter those correctly, then the next pop up should be the actual camera views, as well as configuration tabs, etc. Post up the model number or other details to your Samsung DVR, we can help better with more information.

Are you trying to view the cameras from your PC, from a cell phone, or from another type of device (tablet, etc)? Is your router secure - meaning, for the wireless settings, do you have to enter indvidual MAC addresses into it for those devices to transmit through the router? If so, you may need to enter the MAC address from the DVR into the router. Here's the actual support link to all of the Samsung DVR's, it may be helpful to you. Cobra Jet thanks for getting back to me, i'll get the model number today. When i enter the ip address followed by the:8080 i was getting the password pop up and then the samsung dvr console up on my browser but there was no live feed just the console.

I was able to enter the set up settings on the dvr through the browser and change things etc which makes me think i have configured it wrong or theres some other reason i was not able to connect to the cameras. When i take my laptop to work and use smart viewer software i am able to get the live feed up on it and can move the cameras etc with my laptop, thats using my works wireless internet. I'll post all the information i have in a little while when i get it. Once again, thanks a lot for helping me UPDATE Laptop info ip address subnet mask default gateway DNS SERVERS ----------------------------- Router model Netgear DG834G. I recall during my initial setup from my DVR owners manual, there was mention of DNS entries into the router as well as 'Port Range Forwarding' data, which if I remember, allows the offsite distant viewing of the DVR (from another computer, tablet or cell phone).


Do you recall entering your static DNS numbers or the port forwarding data into your home router (or work)? For instance, access your router's Setup Menu. Look for fields labeled Static DNS (there may be 1-3 fields). The DNS number in your initial post, you listed it as DNS ''. This should be seen as the Static DNS number in the first (2) fields. Also be sure that 'DHCP' is checked/selected, 'Starting IP Address' should be ''. Now you will want to look for the Port Range Forwarding section within the Router.

This may be found under applications or gaming within your Router Setup menus. Once you find it, you need to enter the following: Port Range Forward (there will be multiple fields, set up the first (2) exactly as outlined below): Port Range Field #1: Application = DVR Start = 8080 End = 8080 Protocol = Both IP Address = Enable (this box should be checked) Port Range Field #2: Application = DVR1 Start = 554 End = 554 Protocol = Both IP Address = Enable (this box should be checked) If having to update or enter the above into the router, test out to see if you get a live vid feed. If you do, it worked! Calculator. NOTE: in your initial post, I see you use multiple UDP Port numbers (7900, 8000 and 8080). The most common is '8080'. If after entering the above data into your Router and you still don't get a live feed, try changing all 'UDP' or 'Web Service Port' settings to one number, such as 8080. If '8000' is what you would rather use, then use it on all instead of 8080, etc.

Samsung Smart Viewer 20 Pro Dvr Download
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