Shrifti Ot Kassovih Apparatov

Shrifti Ot Kassovih Apparatov

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Commentary on, Genesis 44:18 - 47:27 At the climax of Parashat Vayigash, Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers who had sold him into slavery 17 years earlier. Through kisses and tears, the children of Israel become one family again. In keeping with the theme of reunion, the Haftarah for Vayigash looks to a time in the future when the kingdoms of Judah and Israel will no longer be separated: “I will make them a single nation in the landNever again shall they be divided into two nations” (37:22). The Lost Tribes The division of Israel into two kingdoms–a northern kingdom associated with the tribe of Ephraim, and a southern kingdom associated with Judah–took place in approximately 922 BCE, due to unresolved power struggles that followed ‘s death.

The northern kingdom was destroyed and sent into exile by the Assyrians in 722 BCE; the southern kingdom was exiled to in 586 BCE. ‘s prophecy was delivered sometime in the sixth century BCE, while in exile in Babylon. Two Sticks Become One As is common for this prophet, Ezekiel receives instructions from God to perform an action that serves as a metaphor for God’s message. In this case, God tells Ezekiel to take two sticks and mark one of them “Judah and the Israelites associated with him” and one “Ephraim and the Israelites associated with him” (37:16).

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Then Ezekiel is told to bring the sticks together, so that they become one stick. When people ask Ezekiel for the meaning of this action, God tells him to offer a message of promise and comfort: God will collect the people of Israel from among the nations and bring them to their own land. There, God will unite the kingdom, never to be divided again. The Israelites will no longer defile themselves with sin because God will save and cleanse them. At the time of this redemption, Ezekiel promises that a descendant of King David will rule all of Israel.

The people will follow God’s ways, and God will bless them: “I will make a covenant of friendship with them–it shall be an everlasting covenant with them–I will establish them and multiply them, I will place My sanctuary among them forever” (37:26). Centuries after Ephraim and Judah were divided, Ezekiel continues to dream of a future time when all the children of Israel will live together in harmony.

Shrifti Ot Kassovih Apparatov

And the dream lives on. Even after the rule of Babylon ended, it was almost exclusively descendants of Judah who took up the ‘ offer to return to the land of Israel and rebuild the. The other tribes of Israel remained lost in exile, likely assimilated among the nations where they were dispersed. Yet to this day, the repatriation of the lost tribes of Israel remains a component of the dream for ultimate redemption.

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We rarely have any hard and fast rules about which Torah portions must be read at what time, yet an age-old Rabbinic tradition maintains that we must be sure to read the parsha of Ki Tavo, containing the blessings and curses before Rosh Hashanah, so that we can merit to enjoy the blessings – in accordance with the verse: “This year, with its curses, shall end, and a new year shall begin with its blessings.” Curses and blessings lie at the heart of this week’s Torah reading, and we read them not once, but twice. First, the Torah describes what will happen when the Jews enter the Promised Land. The nation would be divided into two large groups, one of which would stand atop Mount Gerizim, a mountain near the city of Sh’chem (modern-day Nablus) – and the other would stand just opposite it, on Mount Eival. Positioned between the two groups, the Levites would recite the verses of blessing while facing the group on Mount Gerizim. Then, they would turn toward the group on Mount Eival, and utter the curses, which would take effect if we were to choose the wrong path.

The second part of the parsha contains a long diatribe delivered by Moshe, called the “tochecha” (admonition). The blessings and curses appear once more in this speech. A similar format of blessings and curses appears in a harangue in the Book of Leviticus, and we tend to read this text before the holiday Shavuot – again, so that by the time the holiday starts, the menace posed by the curses will be behind us. Many of our commentators wrote about the significant differences between the different types of diatribes appearing in the Book of Leviticus and the Book of Deuteronomy. What they have in common is that if we are to be blessed, we will enjoy more plentiful harvests in our fields, an economic boom, peace in the land, and so on.

Shrifti Ot Kassovih Apparatov
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