Sistem Informasi Penggajian Pegawai Berbasis Web

Sistem Informasi Penggajian Pegawai Berbasis Web

Sistem Informasi Penggajian Pegawai Berbasis Web Average ratng: 8,4/10 9309 votes

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Preview PDF (Cover - Bab I) PDF (Bab II - Daftar Pustaka) Restricted to Repository staff only Abstract Today the development of science and technology is growing rapidly, this is evidenced by the number of company or agency that uses a computerized system as a tool to facilitate the completion of the work, improve work efficiency and make the company or agency has a good level of performance. Pelangi is located in the Griya Permata Gedangan L4-14. Sidoarjo is a company engaged in tour and travel services. Pelangi trying to reform in terms of employee payroll management, this is due to the persistence of the internal problems that slow the flow of information desired by the company management in making decisions. These improvements are expected to help overcome the problems that exist, so as to facilitate the decision making process as appropriate. The purpose of this design is to apply an Employee Payroll Management Information System Web Based so as to facilitate the performance of the company to get information fast, correct, relevant and accurate. The results showed that application of the Employee Payroll Management Information System can assist in data collection and facilitate the reporting of employees each month.

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Berbasis web, bisa diakses di mana saja. Sistem pencatatan absensi di Gadjian terhubung langsung dengan penghitungan penggajian karyawan.

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Sistem Informasi Penggajian Pegawai Berbasis Web
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