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Speakonia Voices Online

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Part 1 of this video will show you how to install Speakonia and the TTS Voices. Part 2 will compare the difference between the LH Michael and Michelle voices and the LH TTS 3000 British Voices.

Speakonia Voices Online

Professional audio production tool Easily voice animate your content, produce your voice recordings from your PC, 24/7. Audio file production online service Convert any text into an audio file online, by using digital voices from Acapela Group. Voices for Chromebooks Voice-First interface for Education: Acapela digital voices for Chromebooks. The Microsoft text-to-speech voices are speech synthesizers provided for use with applications that use the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) or the Microsoft Speech.

Despite popular belief, LH TTS 3000 British English voices are not british versions of LH Michael and LH Michelle. Any TTS Video Maker watching this, please accept this fact. If you do not want to believe me, download the free trial of TextAloud and the british English voices if you don't have them already and look at the names that are assigned. Anyways enough with that, links are provided below. Other languages are also available besides English, but I did not install them. However, the same steps apply to all voices.

The only difference may be that you have to understand that language in order to install the voices. Credit to the Arch Linux video goes to ArchLinuxAdventures AKA OSFirstTimer. I take absolutely no credit for it whatsoever.

All copyright goes to Philip Adams. This is the reason why I was trying to close the CNET tab because I did not want to get a copyright strike from YouTube claiming I stole CNET's work. And yes, I am downloading random crap on a Windows XP VM. I will show of the final result when I have every program from that website, which could take a very long time. Links: Speakonia: Voices: ArchLinuxAdventures Channel (for credit purposes and for those who are interested): Place to download what I was downloading on my XP VM (Warning do not try this on your host): TextAloud (for you people who claim that LH Michael and LH Michelle is British Voices): Leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you want.

Contents [] Overview A screenshot of Speakonia Speakonia itself is fairly simple to use for the average user, regardless of its skill level. The graphical user interface is similar to Notepad, in a technical way. A user simply has to type what they want the voice to say, and when they click the button that looks like a play button, the selected text-to-speech voice will read it. The user can change the voice at any time by going to the drop-down menu labeled Voice under the Speech Properties, and selecting another voice. The user can also change the speed and volume of the voice with the sliders below the drop-down menu. It can also be installed in several languages.

Interface The Speakonia interface consists of 4 main elements: the menu bar, the toolbar, the text box, and the 'Speech Properties' Box. The Menu Bar is mostly for working with saving and exporting files, as well as registering the program. It is not the main focus of the program. The toolbar has some saving feature shortcuts, as well as commands for playing, pausing and stopping the voice from reading the text that has been entered into the text box.

Game yu gi oh epsxe android no sound. The Text Box is where you will spend most of your time in the program. You simply type what you want the voice to say into the text box.


Lastly, the Speech Properties window is the handiest tool in Speakonia. It allows you to switch between voices quickly, change the speed at which the voice speaks, change it's pitch and volume. This window also has the handy-dandy 'Lexicon' feature, which allows you to change the pronounciation of a word if the voice does not say it correctly. The Speech Properties window in Speakonia. Microsoft Voices By default, Speakonia is included with at least 11 voices.

This number can be greatly increased by installing a separate package of voices, called simply:. Once the download is complete, install the package and the Microsoft voices will be available for you to use, along with a number of other voices (RoboSoft 1-6, whispers, etc.). Exporting as.WAV Speakonia has an option to export the spoken text as.WAV audio files. In order to export a file as a.WAV audio file, you must register Speakonia.

Speakonia Voices Online
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