Star Pistol Serial Numbers

Star Pistol Serial Numbers

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.38 ACP/9 mm Largo; Certain 'Super' pistols; Military models 1922, 1931 & 1940. To find your model number, how to find the date of manufacture, and other stuff. Almost all 'classic' era Star pistols, basically 1911-looking guns, were made. Sep 1, 2012 - The Star is stressed for the original.38 Colt Auto (the father of the Super) pressures. It is a competent pistol. The serial number is not 12676;.

I am wondering where I can look up information about them. I know they are made in Spain and I found on the net where some were made for the German Army and some for Soviet Police, so I am wondering how to find out about this one specifically. Is there a place to look up by serial number to find out about a specific gun?

Is there some place to look for who it was made for as mentioned above? Contoh surat memohon sumbangan programa. I am curious as to it's history if there is a way to track anything at all about guns.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and offer to help. Best to you, Leslie.

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Star Pistol Serial Numbers
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