Streets Of Rage Remake 51 Download

Streets Of Rage Remake 51 Download

Streets Of Rage Remake 51 Download Average ratng: 9,5/10 4159 votes

Glad I snagged a copy before the site crashed! I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed. It's a lot fun and plays quite well with my MS Sidewinder controller. I would like to see, however: Updated voice samples.

The original character portraits. The new ones are.not quite as good. Adam looks.out of place compared to the others. I know he's a custom job.but at least spruce up the colors on the other character sprites.

So now they have 5.1 up for download and the Mac version is 5.0 but it doesn't run anyway. Is there any way to port Streets of Rage Remake 5.1 to Mac so it can work with the new OSX?

I'm just being nit picky. They did a great job and it's a lotta fun to play. Uh, the filename says beta. Hmmm, you're right.

Not sure what's going on there. I remember reading that this was the final version.

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BTW, the site is back up and the download seems to be working again. I can't wait to try this when I get back to my own PC over the weekend. EDIT: The message board for the game says this: 'With the game almost completed, I can say SorR will be launched on 31 DECEMBER 2006 (official and definitive release date)' So I'm not sure why the filename still has 'beta' in it. This is a dumb question but how do you get this to work? 1)Download zip using your favorite web browser. Place zip in desired location on either your HDD or external media.

2)Open ZIP file with a compression/decompression program like WinZip or WinRar. 3)Extract visible folder to location of choosing. 4)Scan for viruses. 5)Open folder. 6)Drag mouse to desired file, this case called 'SorR.EXE'. 7)Choose the file by double clicking on the left mouse button.

This will 'activate' or 'run' the game. I just spent about 3 hours last night playing this, and Its nothing short of amazing for a fan project. Within seconds I felt like I was playing one of the original games, the controls are spot on, aside from mediocre (ok bad) fan artish cutscenes, it is an amazing remake of one of my favorate series, they took all the good aspects of all 3 games and mixed them together, along with some features borrowed from gaurdian heroes (the ONLY reason to own a saturn) I love the branching levels and the cpu controlled partner, it even has unlockables and hidden fun stuff (cody from final fight!) If you ever enjoyed streets of rage back in the day, you NEED to download this. I, too, enjoyed the shit out of V4 and I'm really liking this one as well. I actually liked the opening intro and really like the cutscenes as I don't think they look fanboyish at all. They seem to fit perfectly in with the graphics of the game. Some of my nitpicks are: -Game seems a bit hard even on easy!

-Jetski level is kind of frustrating. -Although I love the shop, I think the prices for the item are a bit high compared to how much points you can accumulate in one playthrough. -Thankfully, I just read that they (Bomberlink specifically) will tweak the difficulties as well as issues with the jetski level when they release the Linux port soon. Winols 224 crack download. Beyond that, I am loving the game and it truly is an awesome package.

Streets Of Rage Remake 51 Download
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