The Oracle Dataaccess Client Is Not Installed

The Oracle Dataaccess Client Is Not Installed

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I have installed Oracle 11g win32_11gR1_client,ODAC10203x64 beta and 11107_w2k8_x64_production_client on all the Env, but recent installs are not working, SO I have copied the Machine & web config at system level and it's started working. But still I am not sure what's causing the issue.

I'm using MS Office 2013 32 bit version. Have the Power query Plug-in enabled. I have Oracle client installed and have 2 Oracle homes in my machine (Windows 10 enterprise 64-bit).

Now I tried to install the ODAC 32-bit but the command prompt collapses before I can see any error. Then while trying the Excel Power query > Oracle Database I receive an error that: Recommended provider (ODAC) is not installed. You can continue with your current provider.


And while using the TNS defined I get the error message: TNS could not resolve the connect identifier. Besides, I have added one Oracle home in 'path' and TNS file location in 'TNS_ADMIN' environment variables. Please suggest what can I do to resolve this.

I have a test environment for a service that my site will be using and a production environment. In my test environment I have installed on the server. That service that uses Oracle seems to be running pretty smoothely so far. Marketing gostinic i restoranov durovich. Computax software price list pdf.

I don't appear to have an Oracle Client running on that server at all. On the other hand I have a server which has an Oracle client on it, but doesn't appear to have installed on it (I am in the process of double checking, but that is the situation as of this S-O question). On the production server I get this exception: Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleException: The provider is not compatible with the version of Oracle client in both servers I have the Oracle.DataAccess dll in the bin and lib folders (don't think I need it in the lib folder, but why rock the boat. I am sure you can come up with a good reason, but not right now!!!). My question is do I need to install onto the production server? Has that resolved any issues that you have come across?

I have seen some SO post that say this resolved a similar issue for them. Could you recommend a course of action? There are a lot of little sub versions of the oracle client, and what likely happened is that the oracle clients installed on the machine giving the error isn't exactly the same version that the Oracle.DataAccess.dll file came from. The best thing to do is make sure you use exactly the same install package on every dev machine and server. This will avoid any missmatch. As an alternative, what I've done in the past to resolve this (and it may not be the 'best' thing to do, but it usually works for me) is to also copy the file OraOps11.dll to your bin directory, along with the Oracle.DataAccess.dll file. Get the file from the same oracle install on the same machine where you got Oracle.DataAccess.dll.

It should be in a folder named something like this, depending on where you installed Oracle, and what version: C: oracle product 11.1.0 client_1 bin OraOps11.dll. I run with the same problem in a Windows 2012 Server that i had Installed Oracle (the supossed oracle 10.2 version compatible with 64 bits) and deployed a web site that used Oracle client. I tried all solutions in this post but the one that worked form my was the last point of Abdallah answer: 'Enable 32bit for the App Pool in IIS' Of course I also had to deploy my webapp with the correct Oracle.Data.Access reference ( Finally the error message was confusing me because it drived me to be blinded to resolve the version issue, but the really problem was IIS not being capable to excute 32 bits App.

Hope it helps. This helped me saved time on converting frm 32 bit to 64 bit of our ASP.Net Application. In Details: APP server looking for client libraries, even we use remoting component to connect to ORACLE db. With ORACLE client 64 bit.

Execption I got was resolved after copying these 5 dll's into my app/bin folder • oci.dll • oraociicu11.dll • oraops11w.dll • orannzsbb11.dll • ociw32.dll Error Message: The type initializer for 'Oracle.DataAccess.Types.OracleString' threw an exception. Error Details: System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Oracle.DataAccess.Types.OracleString' threw an exception.

The Oracle Dataaccess Client Is Not Installed
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