Tkp 45 501 254 2012

Tkp 45 501 254 2012

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TKP mahal is an air conditioned mahal with a seating capacity of 250 and floating capacity of 500. The wedding mahal provides basic facilities to fulfill the guest’s needs. Generator back up is provided which functions during power cut. Food services of the thirumana mandapam includes non veg cooking and service, availability of kitchen vessels and cooking fuel. The guests can serve their choice of food as outside caterers are allowed. T.K.P mahal in Thiruvottiyur can be one of the choices to host your function. Disclaimer: Venues listed here are subject to availability and booking policies / process of the respective venue owners.

Information provided, including price / charges / payment terms are based upon on what has been supplied to us by the venue's authorised personnel. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness, the information provided could change with time. Price / charges mentioned are exclusive of taxes and other consumption related charges. As we have no control over the charges levied by the Venues or the availability, it may change without notice.

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Hence Matrimonymandaps cannot assure the completeness or 100% accuracy of the information provided. If you find any information, that warrants rectification, please inform us via email to.

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Tkp 45 501 254 2012
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