Torrent La Familia Addams 3 1998

Torrent La Familia Addams 3 1998

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Having watched 'The Addams Family' when it originally ran and having seen the Addams Family movies, I'd have to say the New Addams Family series on FoxFamily is incredibly more pleasing and entertaining to me than I found the movies to be. I felt the casting of the original movie ruined its playfulness and really didn't have the same flavor as the 60's series.

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Glenn Taranto is eerily much more reminiscent of John Ashton and seems much happier and outgoing than Raul Julio was. He and Ellie Harvie portray the Addam's passions more frequently, but in such a carefree way it makes physical touch seem like a normal happy occurrence of two people in love instead of a segway to adult entertainment. Nicole Fugere is an excellent Wednesday and steals the show.

Both she and Brody Smith as Pugsly really bring out the children's parts (it is on a children's network) as two average children with just some seriously odd family values. The show is incredibly cast, better written than the movies I saw, and very entertaining; both my son and I love to watch it! It's one of the few 60's revivals that is actually a treat to watch. I just wish the production company would put up a web site for the show as the FoxFamily site is very limited.

Gomez and Morticia are horrified to discover that Grandpa and Grandma Addams have a rare disease that is slowly turning them 'normal'. The only chance they have of curing them is to organise a family reunion, hoping that someone knows a home remedy.

Unfortunately, due to a printing error, the family arrives at the reunion of an ordinary family named Adams (with one D). While Gomez and Morticia, oblivious to the mistake, search for a cure amongst a family divided by the wish to inherit; Pugsley and Wednesday are busy making new friends.explode; Uncle Fester and Thing search for a vicious Chihuahua that lives on human hair; and Lurch falls in love. Meanwhile, a couple going to the reunion are given the wrong address and end up at the Addams mansion where Granny and Cousin Itt are staying. No-one's life will ever be the same.

The third Addams Family installment is an complete and utter insult to the Addams Family Name. I have no idea what batch of crap the people behind this rubbish were smoking while doing this, but it was certainly very strong. It's not at all a genuine Addams Family film, and definitely one to forget. It was all just so wrong. Pretty much of all the actors don't suit their roles.

Cadi gc crack. Tim Curry is a good actor, but is better at playing gimpy and swotty roles like his character in Home Alone 2. He made Gomez look like a humble poncy lord butler in this, it didn't suit him at all.

Daryl Hannah tried too hard to be the part but just was too glittery and luscious to suit her role. The guy plays Fester over-does his character even more, but he just looks like a laughably drugged retard. And others lack the scary creepy Gothic characteristic ability-that Christina Ricci, John Workman, etc-had. Their acting generally was forgettable. And they looked quite like they didn't want to be there. The plot was lame. The humour hardly helped at all.

It was slapstick, stupid, corny and to an extent grotesque. The Addams Family house itself didn't look very scary and Gothic, and they went to a lot bright pink places. What the hell.?!? It was more like Addams Family in Barbie World or something. They were definitely smoking something strong to come up with that idea.

It was about as Gothic and scary as a flower field. It was just WRONG. It's like the Cheeky Girls attempting to do a Metallica song.

It's seriously that badly combined. In fact, all in all, the only genuinely dark thing about this film is the mere shadow that is it to it's two classic predecessors.

Me and my friend, against the other friend's will, demanded this off about halfway through because it was so bad and wrong. Even hardcore Addam Family fans will probably be insulted by this. This film really is a messed up breakfast and lunch together, and a half-done insulting joke. I think the real excuse for this film was to get money (i.e.

Cash in on the two previous Addams Family films and thereby robbing people of their precious hard-earned money). Don't be the next to suffer this scam; steer well clear and stick with the other two films and the cartoons.

Torrent La Familia Addams 3 1998
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