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Contents [] Appearance Asami in his formal wear. Asami is a very tall, handsome and muscular man who has a strong build with defined muscles. He has short dark hair that is normally slicked back but it is shown to be loose after he sleeps or takes a shower and piercing golden eyes that are described by the. Asami is almost always dressed in formal wear and all of his clothes are order made. There are several expensive watches that he coordinates with various suits and he is often shown to be smoking a cigarette.

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According to the series character book, he stands out because of his cold but beautiful appearance. Personality Asami has a serious nature and he is an extremely shrewd businessman. The Finder Series character book describes him as a person who has the best technique in everything. While working, he is composed and seemingly flawless. Asami rarely loses his self-control and he often is shown to be several steps ahead of others.

His personality is dominating and he is sadistic when it comes to erotic punishment. He is able to force people to bend to his will, and eliminate those who stand in his way. Asami will not tolerate anyone who attempts to defile his property, especially his lover. Despite his seemingly ruthless nature, Asami is shown to have a surprisingly kind side. Although he does not trust people easily, he never hesitates to protect loyal subordinates.

The contradicting facets of Asami's character are most evident in the way he cares for. Initially, Asami pursued Takaba partly out of determination to control the free spirit of the younger man. This possessiveness later transitioned into a determination to protect Takaba. Asami is willing to go to great lengths and even risk his life for his lover.

His relationship with Takaba proves that he is passionate, even though he outwardly appears unemotional. The fact that he is willing to let Takaba live with him and indulges him proves his true intentions for the younger man. Background In the character book, it states that his background is a mystery and very little information has revealed about Asami's past.

At the beginning of the story, he is already a formidable businessman and powerhouse of the underworld. He also owns or is linked to many businesses, from hotels to nightclubs. In addition, he is involved with weapons smuggling routes throughout Asia. Aside from business in Japan, Asami also had connections with underworld leaders in China. While living in Hong-Kong, he met, who was only 20 years old at the time. Asami motivated Fei Long to break away from the control of his adopted brother.

After was murdered and attempted to kill Fei Long, Asami chose to leave Hong-Kong. From then on, Asami did not offer further help to Fei Long and continued to do business in Japan. Years later, he met photographer, when the latter took pictures of unlawful dealings involving Asami. Abilities Asami has a master's degree in economics, an MBA qualification and also has studied Imperial Japan. As a leading figure in the business world of Japan, he is skilled at management and persuasion who is also able to successfully manage a multitude of businesses.

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Asami can bend politicians to his will and he has been involved in a variety of criminal ventures without being caught by the law. Slapshot greatest hits slashes and crosschecks rar free download programs. Also, he is shown to be very proficient at fighting and using weapons as he is able to fight hand-to-hand and can shoot guns with extreme accuracy. The Finder Series character book states that Asami has a firearms license and his skill is at the professional level. Relationships Asami is very fond of Takaba from the moment he encountered him. Asami loves Takaba unconditionally and selfishly as he would harm anyone who hurts him, Asami is never satisfied with enough of Takaba. His love for him burns brightly and can never get enough of Takaba's warmth. Asami can be gentle at times and well as rough with Takaba, but no matter the technique it is all coming from his passionate heart that beats only for Takaba.

He is shown to be a caring lover as he often indulges Akihito and lets him do as he wishes. Fei Long was once a partner of Asami long ago, back then Asami had a complicated relationship with him marked with Asami treating him with unexpected kindness and concern. It can also be surmised that the two had a developing relationship not only based on mutual respect but also one that was deeper than friendship. In the manga, Fei's older adoptive brother shot their adoptive father which led to the father's death.

Ryuichi, in turn, shot the older adoptive brother which led him to die. Both adoptive brother and father have spoken to Fei, with the father telling Fei about how he was regarded and loved as a son. Meanwhile, the older adoptive brother lied and made Fei believe that Ryuichi killed the adoptive father who Fei loved so much. To add more complications, there was a confrontation between Fei, Fei's biological father, and Ryuichi. The events happened so fast and in the end Fei was shot by his biological father. Ryuichi shot Fei's biological father.

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