Vishwakarma Vastu Shastra Pdf In English

Vishwakarma Vastu Shastra Pdf In English

Vishwakarma Vastu Shastra Pdf In English Average ratng: 7,1/10 6872 votes

विश्र्वकर्मप्रकाश (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Vishwakarma Prakash. Item Code: NZB908. Cover: Paperback. Edition: 2014. Vastu Shastra is considered as pseudoscience by rationalists like of. Scientist and astronomer considers Vastu Shastra as pseudoscience and writes that Vastu does not have any 'logical connection' to the environment. One of the examples cited by Narlikar arguing the absence of logical connection is the Vastu rule, 'sites shaped like a triangle.

We are planning to publish Vastu websites in all Indian Official Languages. India is a land of selfless people who are ever ready to pick up causes for social service. Through this message we request you to lend a hand for the successful completion of this project in terms of Finances. We humbly take this opportunity to mention that our services to military personnel, all Indian government offices and freedom fighters have always been free. Don't chop the trees in the name of this science as they are the heavenly elements. Trees form the basis for the potential development of a property, provide us a sense of security, in addition to helping us prosper in several ways such as Education, Peace, Money and health. Vastu PDF Free ebooks in Telugu Kannada Tamil Hindi English Vastu Shastra eBooks: The person who lifts overwhelming weights just recognizes what is the torment and weight data, others may not figure out or may not calculate the pains and weights.

From the starting of our Vastu consultancy services, we tried to provide free vastu shastra information to all respected visitors on free of cost. Have you noticed one thing, in the Telugu language, our ebooks are the only first ebook which introduced in the year 2006 ending, later after many months only some others may be introduced eBooks. But the 100% satisfied information here is from past many years we served all e-books on free of cost. We never expect even 1 USD from the visitors. Free Vastu Shastra e books means not a joke, we know its burden on our attempts to service to society. But our main aim is to serve our society with the good heart.


Penance with persistence, this leads services without expectations. The time has come. Come and join in this freedom concept, let your friends may also interested in doing services or may be in, let them have a chance to download some Vasthu Free e-books on free of cost. The maintenance costs of this Vastu Shastra Website is too much heavy and unbearable now, each and every month we are paying more than Rs.50,000/- INR.

But still, the website is running without advertisements. To fulfill these costs we are now moving to collecting money for vaasthu e-books. Elcomsoft.

Otherwise, our website may not stand for some more period. Each year our hosting costs reaches to above $ 1740 USD. There is no any other way to stay here, except to collect money for E-books.

Now we require some financial support, very soon this page may be turned against our policy. We are the first in Market that released Vastu Shastra ebooks that to, free of cost, no payment and free from since 2004, these E-books were here for free download, many visitors downloaded these e-books. Gruhavastu subject is broadly explained in our e-books.

Except only one E-book all other books are in Telugu language, we are planning to publish other languages. One sample English book also published here for free and best understanding on this vastu shastra subject. These Gruha Vaastu e-books before they are going to turn to pay. The last date to download free eBooks is December,31st, 2013.

Vishwakarma Vastu Shastra Pdf In English
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