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Vzlom Programm Exe

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What is a Crypter? Okay before we get into the good stuff, lets first clear up all your questions you have been having by really getting into all the fundamentals of Crypters. Oh and if you have any questions of anything throughout this tutorial, always refer and search on Hackforums for answers. If you don't already know, A Crypter is usually used to encrypt files like viruses, rats, and keyloggers usually for the sole purpose of bypassing antivirus detection. What's the difference between a Crypter and a Packer?

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Aug 20, 2013  This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Download Vzlom for free. This is intended for those lazy security administrators that are tired of wasting their time doing the same things over and over again. This will make your life *much* easier!

A Crypter Encrypts your files, while a Packer packs your files usually with the intention of making it smaller in size and sometimes for it to be undetectable on virus scans. What's the difference between a Runtime and Scantime Crypter? Both can look exactly the same so you better watch out.

-A Runtime Crypter encrypts the specified file and when executed (ran), it is decrypted in memory. This way antiviruses aren’t able to analyse the file before executed and after executed. -A Scantime Crypter encrypts the specified file so antiviruses aren’t able to analyse the file only before executed but NOT when executed. How do i know which antiviruses detect my file? There are many sites with this same purpose of scanning files and giving a report of which antiviruses detect your files. The main issue leading to Crypters becoming detected is because if you or someone who is in posession of your crypted file, scans it on some of these scanner sites, the crypted file will be distributed to the antivirus vendors, thus causing the crypted code overwritten on your file to become detected, which in turn causes your Crypter to turn out detected. I recommend that you scan your files on.

Changing Assembly information First we are going to change the compilation settings for the.exe, like the file version, description, etc These files settings are one of the first things antiviruses check and is something you should always do when picking up and modifying new sources without even thinking about it. Just make this a habit. Open the Stub Project and Right click in the project space on the top right and click project Properties. Once your there, you should see few options like project name, startup object, if you want to change any of that then do it. So now go into the next tab called “Make”. Here you should see the version info, title of application, icon, and in the middle you will see “version Information” with comments, version, company name, file description, etc.

All these options should be changed to anything random. Especially when starting from someone else’s source. The Antivirus Signatures concept Whats going to be explained here, you should always keep in mind when undetecting. Read every bit of this section, some things you may know already but there are definitely things you do not know which are very important. To my experience there are 2 types of signatures, which i like to call: Specific Signatures Broad Signatures Throughout making FUD Crypters you will come to realize that overtime all Crypters, private or public, will eventually become detected.

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Now the reason for this is because not only do the people you spread the crypted files to have antiviruses that automatically distribute, etc. But also, antiviruses in cases where they get alot of similar files distributed, try to create signatures for the most unique parts of the code that all these malicious files have in common.

Vzlom Programm Exe
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