Windows Phone Xap File Decompiler Online

Windows Phone Xap File Decompiler Online

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Introduction is a new, free developer productivity tool designed to enable easy.NET assembly browsing and decompiling. In the past it has only worked with.NET assemblies, but today it also works with Silverlight XAP files. I’m going to walk you through a sample of using this functionality.

Lets get started Head over to and click on the button. After everything is downloaded and installed then you will see a new icon on your desktop called Telerik JustDecompile. Go ahead and double click it to open JustDecompile. Your screen should look like the following: If you click on Open then you will be presented with two options: • File(s) – Which could be a.NET assembly on your PC. • XAP URL – Which is your Silverlight Application. We are going to select “XAP URL” and enter the URL to the. (In case you are wondering, this application is released as ) Enter or any other Silverlight Application and hit OK.

We can now give it a few minutes to spin up and see the following references that the application uses. We can drill down into the references and view the code behind using only JustDecompile!

Feb 04, 2014  A search for 'xap wp8' reveals a multitude of sites offering.xap files that can readily be decompiled and analyzed or deployed to any dev-unlocked phone. It takes less than an hour to unlock a samsung ativ s and get access to the.xap, which is why there are so many sites online. Dec 6, 2017 - Filename extensions are usually noted in parentheses if they differ from the file format name. Windows Phone Xap File Decompiler Online.

Wrapping up I encourage you to check out as well as our own Silverlight Controls. Our Q3 2011 release enriches our XAML suites with 6 new controls for and 7 for.

Windows Phone Xap File Decompiler Online

Additional Resources If you want to know what is new in XAML Q3 2011 then check out this by our Silverlight Team. Check the online demos at To download the latest release log into your accounts - .

You are both wrong. On so many levels.

Windows phone xap file decompiler online free

Even if someone were to have access to the file system, you still can;t do squat with the XAP, because: 1)Once the XAP is installed on a phone, the XAP is 'gone'. Any XAP downloaded from the marketplace is compiled to its native image (no MSIL!) thus it is nigh impossible to get the source code back at this point. 2)'signed' XAPs from the marketplace can not be 'unsigned' without knowing the microsoft certificate key (well technically, it is possible, but it is a time consuming process to break the encryption through brute force.maybe they asked the NSA to do it?!). 3)Even if someone were to unsign your XAP, they can't do squat with your source code because of 1. Obrazec shutochnogo diploma pensionera. 4)You can not sideload (aka use the dev tools to install) a signed XAP. You did something at some point which compromised your source code, if you somehow find your app there.

Windows Phone Xap File Decompiler Online
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