Animated Desktop Screenmates Performance

Animated Desktop Screenmates Performance

Animated Desktop Screenmates Performance Average ratng: 6,6/10 1241 votes

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Ball Desktop Toy by Jason Lee / iceProjector creates Rich Intenet Desktop Applications. It simply makes the rectangle windows disappeared so that Flash movies animate in transparent background (windowless) style. The result movies, featured with anti-alias edge support for Win2000/XP and the unique Clean Edge technology from Flashants, guarantee the best animation quality and playback performance. You can create fantastic programs such as screen-mates, desktop AD tools, viral marketing programs, mouse trail effects and any kinds of internet applications with this magic program. IceProjector is extremely easy to use. It simply opens swf files and instantly remove the surrounded windows to create result programs. With the powerful features it provides, flash can receives all mouse events even when cursor is outside movie area, you can customize the menu items of right-mouse-clicks to control the movies, you can read and write system registry to keep the program status, you can execute external programs or issue shell scripts with actionscripts, and the animation performance and quality are just amazingly great.

New features since V1.0 • Support system tray icon and the tray icon menu control.(fas.systray.*) • Support remote files download to local folder. ( • Support download event handling and error handling. ( • Support to move local file to different folder.( • Support to delete local file.( • Support to check if another exe instance is running or not.( • Support to remove the Quit item in the right-mouse-click menu.

• Support to remove the About Flashants item in the right-mouse-click menu. • Support to retrieve iceProjector's version info.

Features List • Create windowless(chromeless window) flash application. Play flash movies with transparent background.

DesktopMates are animated human like characters that live on your desktop as your personal interactive companion & assistant capable of speech & doing tasks for you using Microsoft® Agent & Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

Animated Desktop Screenmates Performance

• Support anti-alias edge and alpha channel (semi-transparancy) in win2000/XP. • Unique Clean Edge technology to elimiate noises on edge for Win95/98/ME/NT. • Unique Smart Drag technology to enable whole movie area draggable. • Receive all desktop mouse events automatically, even when outside the movie region. • (WYSIWYG) Instantly previews the result.

• Support Flash 4/5/6. • Support system tray icon, configurable tray icon's menu item, and programmable event handling for right/left mouse-clicks. • Support remote file download to local folder and local files management. • Configurable menu items and programmable event handling for right-mouse-clicks. • Change program's task bar icon. • Support to Read/Write system registry information.

• Support using shell commands to launch external application. • Detect if another exe instance is running in the system. • Performance improvement for fullscreen animation with spriteBound fscommand. • Extremely easy to learn and use. • System Requirements • Operating System: Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP • Required ActiveX Controls: Macromedia Flash 4.0 or above.

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The 'duh' moment Before we get started, I should point out the obvious. Using an animated desktop on a laptop, older computer, or even a newer one with lower-end specs is probably not the best idea if you are concerned with battery life and graphics performance.

There is no doubt that in using such a setup you could tax your system just to make it look fancy. Of course, if you are running a high-end rig with CPU and GPU cycles to spare, there is nothing wrong with doing this trick. Indeed, I am running it on two Core i5 desktop systems (Intel Skylake) with plenty of RAM and two rather high-end GPUs (an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 and 970, to be precise). If you want a more accurate estimate having an animated desktop will consume between 6-9% of CPU with an average of around 7 percent.

Although that is not terrible, it could constrain your setup if on an older rig. The good news is not only can you pause your animated desktop you can quickly just switch to a static image at any time saving your precious CPU for when you need it. Why the tutorial?

Besides just explaining the basics there is one other issue. DeskScapes 8 gets its name because it is made for Windows 8 systems.

It can run on Windows 10 however if you just try to install it you are going to get an error message. This impediment is very easy to get around, and I'll show you how to get it going. That said, the reason this is not meant for Windows 10 is the app is not optimized for the newer OS and, as such, Stardock cannot guarantee performance or any issues.

Animated Desktop Screenmates Performance
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