Stabilizator Toka I Napryazheniya Na Dvuh Lm317

Stabilizator Toka I Napryazheniya Na Dvuh Lm317

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US $6.78-10.26/Piece 1. LM317 power regulator board governor DC adjustable buck regulator board (lead +3296+ meter).

It can be used as a DC AC buck governor, connected to a load below 2.2A, and a motor or appliance that consumes less than 20W. Adopt new imported LM317, the maximum passing current is 2.2A; AC input 6V~30V, DC input 8V~40V. The input does not distinguish between positive and negative, and the output is divided into positive and negative poles.

The voltage input range indicated by the physical diagram is DC3-40V/AC2.5-27V with load protection. The output is DC 1.25V-37V, continuously adjustable. The latest listed LM317 adjustable DC stabilized power supply board, both AC / DC can input, voltage input range: DC3-40V / AC2.5- 27V, with load protection, can be connected to the load below 2.2A, DC 1.25V-37V continuously adjustable, wide application range ( LM317 itself consumes a part of the voltage, so the maximum output voltage = DC input voltage - 3V, minimum output voltage is about 1.25V) 6. The core components of the board: adjustable voltage regulator chip LM317, can be connected to the load below 2.2A, can be AC or DC voltage input, the maximum input voltage: DC 40V / AC 27V, output voltage range: DC 1.25V-37V continuously adjustable.

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The load protection circuit is added to the circuit to protect the load. It is a widely used DC voltage regulator board. The LM317T is used to make an adjustable regulated power supply, which often causes the output voltage to rise and burns the load due to poor contact of the potentiometer.

If a triode is added, under normal conditions, the base potential of the triode is 0, and the triode is turned off, which has no effect on the circuit. When the potentiometer is in poor contact, the base potential of the triode rises.

When it rises to 0.7V, the triode turns on, the voltage of the adjustment terminal of the LM317T is lowered, and the output voltage is also lowered, thereby protecting the load. LM117/LM317 features: Adjustable output voltage: 1.25V to 37V continuously adjustable. Guarantee 2.2A output current. Typical linear adjustment rate: 0.01%. Typical load regulation rate: 0.1%. Ripple suppression ratio: 80 dB.

Answer Output short circuit protection. Overcurrent, overheat protection. Adjust the safe working area protection of the pipe. Standard three-terminal transistor package. Since the LM317 is internally linearly regulated, it consumes a lot of power. When the input voltage difference is relatively large and the output current is also large, note that the power consumption of 317 should not be too large.

Generally, the power consumption does not exceed 20W after the heat sink is added. Therefore, it is recommended to split voltage when the voltage difference is large. Two versions will be sent randomly.

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Stabilizator toka i napryazheniya na dvuh lm317 circuit

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Stabilizator Toka I Napryazheniya Na Dvuh Lm317
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