Captain Tsubasa 2 Hack Strikers Team Hexed

Captain Tsubasa 2 Hack Strikers Team Hexed

Captain Tsubasa 2 Hack Strikers Team Hexed Average ratng: 9,4/10 38 votes

Captain Tsubasa 2 - Super Dream Team Captain Tsubasa 2 is a great game. But after a few matches you may find it very difficult.

Captain Tsubasa 2 France Hack captain tsubasa 2 - france hack. Match between FRANCE VS GERMANY.

Also your team leveling up is very slow. And the CPU goal keepers tend to catch all your shots. Another point to note is your stamina: it drains very quick. I’ve hacked this game a bit to make it more enjoyable (under my personal criteria:P): • All your characters have Infinite Stamina. • All your characters have the Max Level. Snapchat download for nokia x2 phone. • When you press select when playing a match, the timer will reset to 00:00.

• When you press start when playing a match, you will add 5 goals to your score. • Original File: Captain Tsubasa Vol. II - Super Striker (J).nes • CRC32: EFE35D6F • MD5: 77012436 A85B7385 2E0A4F36 856373DF • SHA1: 688629B2 CD41E518 287E23F7 6E03860F 605A656A • (This version is not available in GoodNES 3.23b or current No-Intro, but it can be found). • - Instructions for patching in English: • File to Patch: Captain Tsubasa Vol. II - Super Striker (J) [T+Eng1.0_hayabusakun].nes (GoodNES 3.23b) • CRC32: 465917F7 • You must apply this patch to the rom with the CRC stated above if you want it to be in English. If you only have the original rom with the CRC EFE35D6F, you must first apply the translation to get CRC 465917F7 and then apply this patch to that rom for English.

• English Translation is here: Links: • • • Screenshots.


Still I can't copy the hex value, I need to copy the direct hex values Also it doesn't allow me to copy the hex values from somewhere else (out of Crystal Tile 2) and paste it into the hex area. I use Crystal Tile 2 because it supports Japanese (Shift-JIS) So that it shows Kanji text properly, and I can find the text visually and edit it directly: I wish HxD supported Japanese (Shift-JIS), if it supported Shift-JIS, I didn't have to use Crystal Tile 2. Is there any better Hex Editor with Kanji and Shift-JIS support? By the way the game which I am working on is: 三國志11 (Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI) Version: Japanese 1.2 Platform: PC Translation is: Japanese to Persian (Farsi). Here is what I did but couldn't find anything: Name table --> First A --> Tile ID: 03 / PPU Address: 210C ********************************** Break Point: 210C / Write / PPU Mem $A02A:BD EA 05 LDA $05EA,X @ $0615 A:04 X:2B Y:04 $A02D:8D 06 20 STA $2006 A:21 X:2B Y:04 $A030:BD E9 05 LDA $05E9,X @ $ 0614 A:21 X:2B Y:04 $A033:8D 06 20 STA $2006 A:0C X:2B Y:04 $A036:BD EB 05 LDA $05EB,X @ $0616 A:0C X:2B Y:04 $A039:8D 07 20 STA $2007 A:03 X:2B Y:04 ********************************** Break Point: 0614 / Write / CPU Mem $8F3E:A4 67 LDY $ 0067 = #$0C A:04 X:2B Y:D3. $9B4E:98 TYA A:21 X:2B Y:0C $9B4F:9D E9 05 STA $05E9,X @ $0614 A:0C X:2B Y:0C ********************************** Break Point: 0067 / Write / CPU Mem $8EF1:A5 5C LDA $ 005C A:47 X:47 Y:00 $8EF3:85 67 STA $0067 A:0C X:47 Y:00 ********************************** Break Point: 005C / Write / CPU Mem $8E34:A5 5C LDA $005C = #$08 A:07 X:07 Y:04 $8E36:AA TAX A:08 X:07 Y:04 $8E37:18 CLC A:08 X:08 Y:04 $8E38:65 6D ADC $006D = #$04 A:08 X:08 Y:04 $8E3A:85 5C STA $005C = #$08 A:0C X:08 Y:04 It loads A from $005C, adds #$04 to it, and again writes to $005C?! So what should I trace next?

From here I have no idea what to do! Quote Now, you'll want to use the RAM you speficied as a DTE table previously.

Specify the address of the first byte of the first DTE table, and the math (DTE index x 2) should take care of the rest. Alternately, if you chose to make a seperate table for the first letter of each tile, and a sperate table for the second letter of each tile, you'd skip the ASL A (0A) command. (You might want to do this, since you can have only 256 connected bytes, so one table will allow you 128 pairs, while using two seperate tables will allow you 256 pairs).

Captain Tsubasa 2 Hack Strikers Team Hexed
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