Dom Kennedy From The Westside With Love 2 Zippyshare

Dom Kennedy From The Westside With Love 2 Zippyshare

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Back for the second addition of 'Return Of The Album'; a little segment for the true hip hop heads out there where I list all the albums and mixtapes that I've downloaded since the. This is a dedication to those fans that still listen to albums in their entirety. Now of course I haven't listened to all of them yet (who knows how long that will take), in fact I've listened to only a mere fraction of them. But all of these albums I consider worthy of checking out. Most of these are new stuff that's come out this year, but some are albums and artists that I've stumbled upon along the way. I can't help but want to share all of my finds with you guys and hope that I can open your eyes to some new artists or remind you of something you've missed along the way.

Keep searching for that perfect album. Here is a dedicated to all (well most of) the states and cities that breed hip hop and the rappers that represent them. Believe it or not, there really aren't that many places in this vast country that hip hop originates from (just check the map above). The idea for this mix came from the fact that there are so many songs with rappers representing their city / state that I had to make a mix with one song dedicated to each spot.

I only regret that I could not include them all. California and New York should get their own mixes at some point, or maybe I'll just do an East vs. West mixtape. Hope you enjoy this and don't forget to rep your hood. Today, September 27th 2011 is an important day for Hip Hop. Why might you ask? Because, for the first time in a long while, I am excited for what hip hop has to offer TODAY. New hip hop singles and mixtapes drop on blogs left and right every single day of the week just like the newspapers put out stories every second, always looking for the latest breaking report and seeing who can get the word out the quickest only to be forgotten the next day.

Long gone are the days of anticipation, when you actually had something to look forward to. But today has me excited because that feeling of anticipation has surfaced once more. Today the following albums dropped and you should check all of them out. Hip Hop is alive and well in 2011. Now please excuse me, I have a lot of listening to do. Check out Evidence's new video 'You' below produced by DJ Premier Don't forget to check out my favorite hip hop group, People Under The Stairs, new album ' dropping Thursday 9/29. Every now and then an artist will actually make a music video for a song not based on the song's popularity, but because the song deserves a video.

Jul 16, 2011 - With love on my mind and fire in my heart, they can never take us apart From its inception, West Coast Hip Hop has been known for providing.

I know, in this day and age in hip hop it becomes rarer and rarer to find substance in this music, but I have to say that Macklemore is an artist that doesn't do any song or music video half-assed. Although I loved the original 'Otherside' off of the, I must say that the remix above has grown on me with each consecutive listen. I think it's beautiful and I hope you enjoy. Can't wait for Mack's new album.

Dom kennedy from the westside with love 2 zippyshare torrent

Coming not soon enough. This post is for my true hip hop heads.

Dom kennedy from the westside with love 2 zippyshare

The ones that don't just stream a song and then never listen to it again. This one is for my peoples who devour not only songs, but whole ALBUMS by the truck load.

The ones who eat up new hip hop albums for breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, and dinner. The ones who still listen to albums back to front, not on shuffle. The ones who need to hear their music on good speakers. The ones who spend more time organizing their iTunes library than organizing their life. You know who you are.

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So in case YOU (my fellow hip hop fanatic) missed the below mostly new albums, get your grub on and scrape the plate (download links are included, but some may be dead). These albums/mixtapes should last you a while. Since I still haven't gotten through all of them. If you need a suggestion of what to choose first from this list, hit me up at NEW ALBUMS to DOWNLOAD Parker - Between Struggles Don Cannon & Cookin’ Soul Present: Nas – The Lost Tapes 1.5 (Mixtape) Wait What - The Notorious XX (Mash Up Mixtape) Asher Roth x Nottz Raw – Rawth (FreEP) Apollo Brown - The Reset (2010) Dj Rhettmatic - WHATUPDOE 09 (The J Dilla MiniMegaMix) Rashid Hadee - Hadiesel The Fuel Up (2010) Boog Brown - Grind Season Vol. 1 (2010) Kendrick Lamar - OD (2010) Oddisee - Traveling Man (2010) Truck North - QuickTape (2010) Self Scientific - Change (2005) Curren$y – Return to the Winner’s Circle (Mixtape) The Audible Doctor Presents: The Crackers EP Vol.

Dom Kennedy From The Westside With Love 2 Zippyshare
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