Download Free Microsoft Image Composer 15 Software

Download Free Microsoft Image Composer 15 Software

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I was perhaps rated as somewhat an expert with MS Image Composer. Windows 10 will not let it install and MS as dropped support. So I wanted a replacement program. Adobe has Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks. So I followed using Fireworks but it is tricky and Adobe seems to be dropping support.

Feb 4, 2019 - original title: Microsoft Image Composer Why can't Microsoft add Image. By not being able to get functional, old software, simply because it was orphaned. I downloaded the file and have just now installed it on the computer that I'

My complex search has led me to Xara Photo and Graphic Designer. So for around $70 I now have it and experiencing a learning curve but I am confident that it is even better than Image Composer.

So very briefly, Image Composer saw the work area as pretty unlimited. One could work with the whole work area and then place objects in a central frame and save the narrow result as say a JPG. The entire file was saved as a MIC file. This format kept all objects as discrete objects.

One could control objects by moving to background or foreground. If you save as say JPG, the objects get flattened. Fireworks uses the PNG file format which is very good and Adobe products seem to be able to open PNG files and keep discrete editable objects. But it works with Adobe layers which are not so intuitive to use. Xara uses the XAR file format which seems a much similar concept as MIC files. It seems to see the work area as pretty unlimited and one can move/arrange objects backward or foreward. So I see much similarity with Image Composer.

Xara has so much more to learn that I find incredible and worth exploring further. In Image Composer, one could create a text object but if you changed it in some ways, such as rotating, it became a non-text object. Xara seems to be able to keep it as a text object and also add effects. I have been using the same version of Image Composer 1.5 for the last 17 years!


It came bundled with FrontPage 2000 and even though I stopped using the webpage app 15 years ago, I continued with Image Composer because it suited my needs - even on a Windows 10 PC (yes I managed to get my copy to install). Why Microsoft decided to drop it rather than continue to develop it is beyond me. Anyway I recently retired and now have the time to look for a newer and hopefully better alternative. There are several very expensive options out there but after a little searching I stumbled onto this post and read Greg's response above so took a look at the Xara option. At the moment it's available as a 30 day free trial - albeit as a stripped down version.

So worth a download. On opening it looks vaguely familiar, which made using the simple commands straightforward and when I tried to get creative it was mercifully intuitive. It doesn't open MIC files but if you still have Image Composer you can save individual sprites in PNG format and import that way. I realise that can be time consuming but for me it's an acceptable workaround. I haven't committed to buy it yet, but first impressions are positive. Hi Lostmymojo So exciting to get one reply. My history with Image Composer seems the same as yours.

I have not found anything that opens.MIC files. Torrent la familia addams 3 1998 full. So I have a Windows 7 PC and can open Image Composer and then save images/sprites as say Jpg's. So I have not mastered my paid version of Xara and go back to Image Composer on Windows 7 if I need to do something tricky. Why Microsoft decided to drop it rather than continue to develop it is also beyond me. I am now on Windows 10 and have two free products: Adobe Photoshop Essentials and MS Movie Maker.

These serve most of my needs these days with downloads of photos and videos from an iPhone and manipulating them. Your reference to time-consuming is a keyword as to how much time I spend on learning a new product. Kind Regards Greg. HI, I'm new here. I was introduced to Image Composer 1.5 with Front Page 98,purchased in 1998, the latter long obsolete but I still use Image Composer 1.5 on Windows 7 - and I still have the CD. It hangs if I go anywhere near colour tuning, but I like the simplicity of working with several images or sprites, and being able to cut stuff out, say head and shoulders of a person, to use in a collage.

I can edit in another program to simply adjust colour. Yesterday I went to a workshop on Photoshop Element which works with layers in what looked quite a frustrating and clunky way. The tutor didn't know if it could do what I wanted to do. Anyway delighted to see this post and that I'm not the only one looking for a replacement in 2017.

Download Free Microsoft Image Composer 15 Software
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