Download Midi Pop Indonesia

Download Midi Pop Indonesia

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Large Formations (MIDI archives with more than 1,000 files) Major MIDI Formations, Ranked by Size Galaxies with a mass of at least one kilofile in rank order   14,577 One of the oldest, richest and most intelligent galaxies. Near the center of the MIDI Universe. An advanced galactic rest stop with a simulated rural flavor and news from MIDI country. >12000 Has risen to near the top after reforming following repeated attacks of aliens.

Free downloads midi *. Pop midi (15) *. Anak midi (9) *. Dangdut 1 (19) *. Dangdut 2 (15) *. Dangdut 3 (15) *. Dangdut 4 (12) *. Dangdut 5 (19) *. Pop indo (23).

Wide ranging and easy to access. 8485 Outstanding, comprehensive collection, organized by composer. Maintained by a stern perfectionist. Mind your manners or you and your neighbors will be punished. 8396 This is the central mass storage site for game-music-loving life forms.

4311 Nicely organized by period and composer. For aliens with good taste and (sigh) without robots. 2761 A really unique specialized constellation. Put on your liederhosen (when no one's looking). A must visit world for inquisitive travelers and voyeurs. 2378 1,000 Rocks, the rest varied, with a Juke Box resting on the surface. 2388 A Brazilian MIDI ftp site with Classicas, Internationais and Nationais branches.

1751 (zip) From Rockers for Rockers - for avid serious generators and collectors. On one big, rock-strewn page by band. 1786 Simple, sorted pop music archive in South Africa. 1575 A serious, major new MIDI housing project, run by experts. Unique files, broad ranging. 1500 Press a button for your favorite early rock group - or get Zip collections fast. Steve's swimming upstream, but that's more exhilirating.

1245 Superb jukebox with files commented and easily downloaded. 1198 Music for the Middle Ages: Classical, country, easy listening, gospel, kids, oldies, TV/movies. 1195 16 Categories of Music plus Holidays. 1175 Simple general collection from Indonesia - with text searching. 1164 Japanese site for musicians with enough English to sort of get.

1152 Wide ranging MIDI and contests. Not just your everyday archive. 1061 Alphabetically arranged by file name on one page. Frozen since 1996.

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763 Unique Swedish site with folk, blues, jazz, rhythms and brukspiano(?). Learn music theory after you learn Swedish. Counts may be low if regions were unavailable during MIDI Explorer's visit. Zipped files may contain non-MIDI objects. Counts are for files at the site only.

Download Midi Pop Indonesia
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