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Full text of ' A GENEALOGY OF THE NYE FAMILY / <% A (icncaloj^N of the N c* I.iniiK Volume II R. I.U.N SYE fe CMi ij»»'«k««(*t iatwtf L.

KATlifcRINE (WATSON NYE TH« Nfc Familjr of America Anociatkm Iik. 1965 ^^P ' 3 1965 aS J •^^n^ TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION I - BENJAMIN NYE Acknowledgments 7 Foreword 9 Chapter 1 - Review of generations 1-5 17 Chapter 2 - Generations 4-8 37 Chapter 3 - Generation 9 161 Chapter 4 - Generations 10-13 261 SECTION n - THOMAS NYE Foreword 323 Biographical sketch of John Nye 325 Biographical sketch of Stephen William Nye 329 Thomas Nye and his descendants 337 APPENDIX I Nye of Denmark Coat of Arms 377 American Nye Coat of Arms 377 Brief History of the Nye Family of America Association, Inc. 383 INDEX Nye Names, Benjamin Family 385 Other Names, Benjamin Family 408 Nye Names, Thomas Family 435 Other Names, Thomas Family 438 UST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Nye Homestead 14 Clara Nye Smith Field 50 Roseamia White Cullity 57 William Elmer Nye 88 Luther Bertram Nye 109 Thomas Jacob Nye 123 William Lorenzo Nye, John Potter Nye, Sherman Allen Nye and Abraham Lincoln Nye 148 Alvin Jefferson Nye 156 Roswell Howard Nye 182 Dorothy Nye Holway 183 Drs.

Katherine and Lillian Nye 210 Selden Spencer Nye 220 John Richard Greene Nye 227 Senator Gerald Prentice Nye 229 Johnson Allen Nye 253 Robert Glen Nye 257 James Lusk Nye 293 John G. Nye 305 Johnson Allen Nye 308 Roger Hurless Nye 309 John Nye 324 Stephen William Nye 328 William Preston Nye 365 Nye of Denmark Coat of Arms 379 American Nye Coat of Arms 381 This edition is limited to copies The Nye Family of America Association will always welcome news which concerns our name.

This book is not the end, but only a milestone in our history. It is hoped that all important events in the lives of Nyes will be reported to the Family Association, whether births, marriages, deaths or just remembered tales of the past. For some day, perhaps in another genera- tion, there may be another book. Those yet to come will surely enjoy the records we leave behind, even as we treasure the memories of those who preceeded us. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS To produce this book, all Nyes living in the United States who could be located were invited to submit their personal and family history.


A large number of those invited could not be persuaded to reply. There were some who did reply who could not provide enough information to be traced to any of the several sources of the Nye family recorded in this book. These, regretfully, had to be omitted. The considerable volume of data presented here is due in part to the enthusiastic effort put forth by a num- ber of individuals who collected rather complete genealogies of their personal families and made them available. It is not possible to list the many hundreds of Nyes who provided special assistance and encouragement to this compilation. A few who have made such outstanding contributions as to deserve very special mention are gratefully acknowledged below: Bessie (Peterson) Nye, Grant City, Mo. Marian Nye Dillingham, Manhattan, Kans.

Selden Spencer Nye, Brownsville, Tex. Addie Laws, Austin, Minn. Verna Nye Camien, University Park, N. Nye, Fairfield, Me. Nye, Chevy Chase, Md. George Branch Nye & Edna Marie Nye, Shannon, N.

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Nye, EUwood City, Pa. Sincerely Appreciated by; The Genealogy Committee, Nye Family of America Association; L. Glen Nye, Chairman Marjorie Leonard A GENEALOGY OF THE NYE FAMILY VOLUME n Foreword This book is a sequel to the original book, 'A Genealogy of the Nye Family,' compiled by George Hyatt Nye and Frank E. Best, published under the auspices of the Nye Family of America Association in 1907.

Kodi Po Guiv
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